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Male 26/male/sub seeks any age/female/master in EU (preferably ltr)

26/male/sub seeks any age/female/master in EU (preferably ltr)

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a Mistress to share my journey into submission and would love to have the chance to serve someone.
I hope that everyone reading this will enjoy it

About me

I'm 26, male living in France. I have a master degree in computer science and work as an IT engineer. I'm really into tech, science and videogames but I'm not limited to that, I like to hang out with friends, do some sport and I'm curious by nature which means that I'm always willing to learn new things.
About my appearance, I'm overall in a good shape. I'm tall (>5'9 or >180cm) with a body that is between slim and athletic. I used to do a lot of sports when I was younger and I just started going to the gym.

About my kinky side

I have been interested in submission for years but never had the chance to truly experiment it. I did read a lof of stories/article that make me think I'm ready to live it. I also understand the commitment it requires to submit to someone else and I take it seriously.
What I really enjoy in submission is the mental aspect of it. I love the idea of being mold into wanting to fulfill the Domme wishes and desires before anything else.

My likes:
- Orgasm control/Tease & denial: I find the idea of giving control over my orgasm to be a powerful thing. It means that my Mistress pleasure comes before mine . Being teased and not knowing if I'm allowing to release gives even more excitement.
- Worshipping: I love the idea of having my mind dedicated to a Mistress. It helps open things to another level and explore the D/s relationship even further.
- Anal: I only have a bit of experience with this one and I wish to explore more guided by someone.
- Humiliation (to a certain extend): The idea of being able to do crazy things just because a Domme ordered it is incredible. I really enjoy the idea that someone else as so much power over me that I'm ready to do everything just to entertain and please her.

Those are my main kinks but I'm also really curious and ready to try a lot of differents things. I'm willing to try everything once even if there is a chance I might not like it.

My dislikes:
- Boring tasks (such as cornertime): I don't find it enjoyable for the both of us.
- Pain: I'm more interested in the mental play that I found to be way more powerful. That being said pain with mental play look like a great combo.

My limits:
- Forced bi
- Crossdressing
- Age play
- Scat
- Permanent marks and everything that could cause health damages.
- Public

Some of the limits may be negociated in the futur but are no-go at the moment.

I also own some anal toys and a chastity cage.

What I'm looking for:

I'm looking to build a relationship based on trust, respect and communication. I would even see the perfect D/s relationship as something that goes beyond kinks, a connection between two individuals that share the same passion. I'm interested in knowing you rather than keeping the relationship around kinks (this is a preference of mine, if you prefer to stay around kinks I'm fine with it.)
I would love to have someone that would make me embrace my dark side & desires and that would use my perversions for their own pleasure.
Idealy this person would be sharing my kinks but I'm adaptable and can ajust myself to match your likes. Either way my Mistress kinks are more important than mine.
I would say that it might take a bit of time before my mind is fully dedicated to a Mistress but once you have my trust you can be sure that I'll give the best of me to please you.
I see my potential Domme as someone who is caring, understand that I have feeling but will have no mercy using me for her own pleasure.

I'm also both interested in a Mistress having experience or not. On one half I could help master and improve your domination skills and on the other half, having a Mistress that do have experience is an incredible opportuny and I would gladly take it.

If you are interested:

I'm glad that my post caught your attention!
You can contact through private messages or add me on Kik.
Kik: aynaud
I'm also pretty open to questions (kink related or not) so, if you have some feel free to ask!


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