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Default My Daughter Loves her Horse

Prelude: A sexy older woman with a beautiful slender body narrates this story about the day she found out why her daughter spends so much time in the barn with her horse.

[The story starts now.]

It is really hot today, so I am sitting on the back porch watching my daughter Krissy washing her horse "Brute" over by the barn. She gets him wet then applies soap and brushes him good. Brute turns all white for a while then she hoses him down and brushes him again.

Krissy got her clothes damp from washing him, so she strips naked and throws her T-shirt and shorts over the fence so they can dry out. I notice her horse perked up his ears when he sees her naked body. When Krissy takes a towel and begins wiping his face he forces his nose between her legs and begins licking her pussy!

Krissy stands there for a few moments and enjoys herself then pushes Brute's nose away from her and says, "Brute, not now. I think Mom might be watching us. You are going to have to wait until later before I let you fuck me, now behave yourself."

I immediately shout at Krissy to come over to the porch so I can ask her about her conversation with her horse. I think to myself, "Maybe I heard wrong because she was quite far away from me, but it sounded like she was talking about having sex with her horse."

She leads Brute through the pasture over to me then I question her about what I heard her say to her horse. Krissy replies, "Oh Mom, I was just joking around. Brute doesn't understand what I am saying. It's just a game that I play with him. Do you really think that I would have sex with my horse? Of course not."

We have casual conversation for a few minutes then Krissy says, "Mom, let's take a ride on Brute down to the pond and go skinny dipping."

It is really hot outside today and that sounds like fun, so I quickly strip off my clothes then go in the house to get a few big towels for us to lay on. When I come back outside, Krissy is on Brute and has him positioned so I can jump from the porch and get behind her. I hold my naked body tightly against hers and we are on our way.

We ride for about a half mile then dismount Brute and run into the clear cool water of our pond and begin splashing around. After a few minutes we get out of the water and I spread out the towels I brought on the soft grass.

As I lay down on my back, Krissy climbs on top of me and we begin tongue kissing while I run my hands all over her naked backside and gently squeeze her firm little white ass cheeks. We continue to passionately kiss each other for several minutes then she rolls over on her side and begins fondling one of my breasts while she gently sucks the nipple of the other.

I have been noticing that Brute has been intently watching us and now see that he is sporting a huge erection! He slowly comes closer to Krissy then lowers his head down and gently nibbles her pert young breasts with his huge horse lips!

I look over at her and say, "Krissy, why is your horse doing that? It almost appears as if he is trying to tell you something. I hope that I am wrong, but it looks to me like he wants to have sex with you. His big horse cock is erect and it is apparent that your naked body excites him. Why is that? Are you having sex with him?"

Krissy pushes Brute away from her then replies, "Oh Mom, I can't lie to you anymore. You are right. That is his way of letting me know that he wants to have sex with me. He knows that kissing my naked breasts makes me horny and I will usually suck his cock or let him fuck me."

I am shocked by what she just said so I ask her, "Krissy, are you saying that you are actually letting Brute fuck you with that huge monster cock of his?"

Krissy replies, "Sure Mom, we do it all the time and he always gives me an orgasm. It is better sex than any guy has ever given me and I can't get pregnant or get any of those nasty sexual diseases. You should be happy for me. Let me show you how enjoyable it is to have sex with him and maybe you will want to join me."

Krissy suddenly sits up and Brute moves his massive horse head towards Krissy's face. It frightens me at first, but Brute sticks out his tongue and Krissy starts sucking it. I think to myself, "Oh my God, my daughter is tongue kissing her horse! I have never seen anything like this before in my life! This is perverted, but I am intrigued and want to see what else she does with him."

After a short while, Krissy gently pushes Brute away from her then crawls underneath him and tells me to come over and sit next to her.

Krissy plays with Brute's massive hard cock for a while then suddenly leans towards it. She opens her mouth and pushes her head forward over the tip and forces three or four inches inside her. She holds steady for a few seconds then suddenly gags and pulls her head back and says to me, "Oh my God Mom, this is so much fun! Do you want to try it?!"

I politely decline her offer then sit in amazement while she slowly strokes the length of his cock back and forth with both hands while sucking the head of it. After a couple of minutes she exclaims, "Oh Mom, Brute really needs to fuck me now and there is not a bench for me to lay on. Please get on you hands and knees like my girlfriend does so I can lay on your back and let him fuck me. Please Mom, please. Will you do that for me?"

I think about this whole weird situation for a few moments then get down "doggy" style and let my daughter lay on my back. She opens her legs as far apart as they will go then pushes on Brute's stomach to make him take a step forward.

After a few moments Krissy says, "Oh my God Mom, you have to try this sometime. It feels so fucking great. I must have at least ten inches of Brute's cock inside me. Nothing can compare to having a huge horse cock stuffed inside you. It feels awesome."

I can feel Krissy bouncing around on top of me while Brute thrusts his hips forward over and over again. After a while she starts moaning loudly then begins screaming, "Fuck me Brute! Fuck me! Fuck my little pussy with that big horse cock of yours! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

After a few minutes Brute and Krissy suddenly becomes quiet and motionless. I feel warm liquid splashing on the backs of my legs, so I look over my shoulder and see a tremendous amount of sperm gushing out of her pussy!

She lays on my back for a few moments while she rests then tells me to lower myself down a little bit to let Brute's cock slide out of her. Krissy rolls off my back then we lay back down on the towels.

She has a glazed look in her eyes as she says, "Oh Mom, he just gave me another great orgasm. I love Brute and he loves me, but I willing to share him if you would like to go for a belly ride with him sometime."

I think about her offer then reply, "How long does it take before he can do it again?"

Krissy says, "Probably later this evening. Once I let him fuck me three times in one day. Anyway, I taught him another way to please me if you want to try it."

Without waiting for me to reply, Krissy tells me to lay down on the towel and spread my legs apart. She stands up then leads Brute over to me. He lowers his head down and I suddenly feel his huge horse tongue enter me! He pauses for a moment to lick his lips then begins rapidly flicking his tongue in and out of me over and over again!

I start screaming, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!"

Within just a couple of minutes I have the best orgasm of my entire life!

After I regain my composure, I think to myself, "This evening I am going to read the newspaper and see if there are any horses for sale. When I buy one, I am going to have Krissy train him."
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Pretty nice short story. I found it cool the mother and daughter share such similar interests and don't mind being naked outdoors together. Maybe you could also try a story with a dog too.
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