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Default dares with sisters sailor outfit

Hey, i have recently found a blue ann summers sailor outfit in my sisters drawers and im looking for dares to do in it. When shes at college i have full access to her wardrobe and toys. Ill send any pics u ask for.
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PM me a pic of you wearing it or PM me and I'll send you my email address
masturbation, truths, porn dares
cum eating (my own), nude, drinking pee
poop, edging, wedgies
public, permanent, getting caught

I love girls and trannys!

I want a cute tranny girlfriend...
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just upload the pics on here >.>
Likes: X-Dressing, humiliation/embarassing, various levels of control.
Hard Limits: Gross/messy anything that will get me caught.
Ask me about anything else, odds are ill do it if its reasonable.

Always willing to cross-dress for the ladies, just have to ask me (and prove you are a lady)

Pi, a haiku:
Three point one four one
Five nine two six five three six
What am I doing?
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i dare you to take walk, of at least 10 minutes in it, or if your daring, enough, go to the store in it
jst send me a truth or dare and ill do it.

likes: diapers, crossdressing, public, hidden public, anal, teasing guys.

dislikes (will do them): others involved, family, friends, fucking (dont like doing it for a dare, dont get the idea i dont like it at all)

limits: illegal, permanent.

will not do pictures.
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