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I plan to major in Psychology when I go to college, and Freud says that sex and aggression are our main motivators in life. I don't agree with that, but it fits the theme of the site in an almost-creative way, so I ran with it.

Likes: Breast/nipple torture, bondage, signature dares

To Punish: BenGay, humiliation, made to feel worthless

No: Public, family/friends, insertions, pee/scat, camera, or anything blatantly stupid

I will do any tit torture dare you PM to me!
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I am a huge Hunger Games {book} fan! I wasn't expecting the name Katniss to be free, but when it was I figured 'why not?' I'm a little skeptical about using this name now though, considering it is such a big craze and I don't want it to be assumed that I am a stuck up bandwagon fan. I have yet to see the movie.

My nickname is also Kat or Katty, so that's another reason I like the name.
May the odds be ever in your favor.


Likes: Masturbation, sleeping dares, exercising, wedgies, slight bondage, orgasm control and denial.
I am not taking dares at this time.
NEW: Tumblr!

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A.W.E.F stands for Air Water Earth and Fire.

I am a lover of the Earth and the elements. And a long time ago, people used to think that air water earth and fire were the only 4 elements. So that's where it comes from.
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Simple, I do like it rough ;P
Being Degraded, Spanking, Urine Play,Orgasm Denial/Control,Toothpaste,Waxplay,Orgasms (forced/not),Semi-Public,Rules,Humilation,Being Gagged,Undergarment control

Anal, Pain,Dressing up,Kitty/Doggy,Age play etc,Bondage

Too much pain,Big insertations

Family/Friends,Permanent,Blood,Too public,Too painful

please post on my wall humiliating me for being such a whorish little slut with tiny tits!

KIK ME TO DIRTY TALK OR DARE ME: likeitroughbaby
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Post call name

I have always said things like, I am everything and nothing, I am open minded, and I am Perfectly Imperfect. (main reason though is that a really good friend of mine who is a rapper made this ill rap and in it he used the line that he is perfectly imperfect, just loved it)
27/M/ -8 hrs

Limits: Family/Friends, Permanent, Blood, Public, Too painful, vomit, scat, pee, too messy, male, Hand Writing, Tooth Paste.

I have Mad Respect for Ice20 The boy who came up with "Loser has to.." All other variations are Fake as all Hell. Ice20 I got your back.

"Looking for a female to care about"
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Sport Soccer

I got this nickname long ago. My friend said I looked like a marshmallow, and I am rather short so add the mini to it. Plus she couldn't properly spell it, she spelled it mini marshmellow.
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Mines is nothing speacial. Its just a name of a panic! At the disco bonus track from their latest album. I'm a hardcore fan from the beginning :3
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a deathcore band i like
Male, Adult, Somewhere in Europe, Hetero

Likes: Feet, Anal, Chastity, Nipples, Bondage, Spanking, Orgasm Control/Denial, Edging, Ruined Orgasms, Cum Eating, Deepthroating, Hidden Public

Limits: anything that isn't listed in Likes.
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Send a message via Skype™ to EmmaLang

It's my name. baby
Limits - well none really I will try anything.
Not looking for a Master, sorry.

I am Sub not Dom so sorry but I am not looking for a Slave.

Read my dares and let me have new dares please.
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getDare Devil
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Years and years ago, i worked for a large BDSM 'club' - more of a rave in the sense that it rarely took place in the same location twice - as a professional Dominant.

This rave was frequented by foreigners - foreigners who also wished to be played with.

However, my real name is apparantly -very- hard to pronounce for those who come from somewhere the 'hard G' (which sounds like hacking up, only softer) isn't in the language.

At the time i was reading Tanith Lee's 'Blood of Roses' and decided on Anjelen - one of the main antagonists in the story - for my stagename.
Music by me:
'Suspense'(Reason v4.0)
'Keep your head up v0.1' (Fasttracker v2.09)

* How to not be a Dumbinant *
* Here's your chance to ask me anything! *

"It's better to try and fail than to fail to try."

-- Nunc Intellego --
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Been told that I am always asking questions about things and so it goes....
Male / Straight / USA

Hard Limits - Anything Illegal, Extreme Pain, Public, Cam,
Blood, Scat, Needles, AtM, Lasting Damage,
Soft Limits - Pain,
Likes - Hypno, Some Messy (Negotiable)
Loves - Cum play, Body Writing, Hidden Public, Girls' Socks, JOI, Skirts, Nail Polish,
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