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daremaster 1
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I don't smoke and I'm never going to smoke. It's just gross! I don't see the point?
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i love to smoke it relaxes me......not just cigs
LOVES wedgies, corporal punishment, bondage, facesitting, femdom,feminization,humiliation,being gagged, underware, asses, restriction mental bondage massage giving, ass toying, disgusting nasty, toilet, pee, objectification verbal abuse and anything im forced to do.

llimit cbt, family, unrealistic requests

my wish list......its an internet controlled indestructable case for a key for a chastity devidce
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I wont smoke. All my family members smoke a lot of cigarettes, and pot, I had one drag of a cigarette at 14 and wont ever smoke anything ever again. For multiple reasons.
Likes: Light bondage, mild pain, clips/clothes pins/bobby pins, mild anal, enema, being controlled, humiliation punishment

Dislikes: Ice in either of my holes, too much pain, being denied orgasm for a long, clips/pins on my clit, stretching either hole too much

Hard limits: Pics/cam, needles/tacks, illegal, family/friends, anything dangerous or permanent, scat, vomit

Curious: Pee, enema, mild public
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I just smoke cigs.
Male, 18

I wet my pants every day, please pm so I can give you my info, and you can send me diapers.

panties, some pee, messy, humilation, some public, cbt, wedgie, food, gagging, some anal, spanking, feet, cum, creativity, cleaning with tongue, face slapping, long dares, denial/ruined orgasm, seasonal, degrading, ice, candle wax

Scat, illegal, smoking, permanent, revealing to school mates, family involved
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My dad smoked pot, I smoke weed.
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It's funny how many people on this site think smoking is disgusting!
Call me old fashioned, but I'd rather smoke a cigarette than drink my own piss!
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getDare Devil
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I smoke both tobacco and pot.
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I smoke both pot and cigarettes, neither very frequently. Most of the time the pot is at parties and the cigarettes at my part time job. Sometimes I'll have a cigarette on an off day, but not usually.
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getDare Devil
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I do but not as much as i used to and only cigarettes
Loves: CBT, self-bondage, humiliation, Crossdressing, discrete public, Photos no face, Pee, Spankings
& Anal.
Soft Limits: Scat, full service toilet, animals
Hard Limits: Excessive Blood, Diaper, Kids, Illegal, Pics w/ face

Toys/Tools:Just ask via PM
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I do, occasionally. And pretty much anything but cigarettes. On second thought, cigarettes, too. Sometimes.

But no hardcore stuff like crack or heroine, I'm not that stupid...
18 / Male / Bi / Vegetarian / And lots of other stuff...

Likes:Pain, Puppy play, Nipple play, Chance/Dice Dares, Kinky Ideas, Creative Ideas

Dislikes: Anal, Ice, Feet, Messy, Spit/Lick

Limits: Scat, Pee, Family, Public, Permanent/Illegal

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I used to smoke. I started smoking the occasional spliff, then I got a pipe (just for tobacco) THEN got into regular Cuban cigar sessions of an evening time...before finally settling down to hand rolled cigarettes.

But I gave up now... admittedly this is the second time I have given up, but I think it'll be the last cos I realised that smoking is only fun once you are addicted - and that kinda sucks 'cos apparently its REALLY bad for you? Go figure. :-/
(D/s) - Manners, imagination, control, challenging taboos.
- Rudeness & abuse of any kind.

Feel free to PM me - IF you're interestING, not just if you're interestED.

"There is no absolute."
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I smoke, but meh, only about 5 a day. ( I know people who do 10 :O )
Loves: Diapers

likes : piss , cum control , toilet control , puppy play, humiliation, chastity, submission

Limits : friends and family , getting caught , permanent , illegal, scat

PM Dares here
Feel free to PM me to give me a new PM dare to add to the list

19 | Male | United Kingdom | Gay
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Slenderman - Doctor
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No thankyou (: quite happy without it.
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I do not smoke, but I did once five years ago.
General: 23/M/1.8 inch dick (hard)/0.2 inch dick)
I am not allowed to change the first line of my sig

Likes:crossdressing, bondage, humiliation, chastity, dares requiring pic proof
Dislikes: anal, injury, messy, pain, illegal, poo/pee, friends, family, animal

I will answer any question PMed to be honestly.
Every time I receive a pm saying body writing I must post in the person above body writing dare!
Please do always require me to pic proof if possible!

I love cfnm
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I have never smoked anything in my life.
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