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Cool The Chocolate..

when i was 15 every weekend i sleep at my friend home , i was sleeping with my friend in his room and he some time be stupid, and one day i was very horny..and he play computer game..and his mother don't give him Chocolate cuz his teeth very bad..but she give me a lot of Chocolate cuz my teeth good..

I told him((..do u want Chocolate..?))

and he stop the game and smile and told to me..((..yes..))

i told him..when u win this game i'll give u the Chocolate..!

and he was excited..

while he playing i toke off my jeans and t shirt and put the Chocolate on my dick..cuz i want him suck my dick..
when he finished he looks at me and he surprised..
see my dick and the Chocolate on it..he start to crying..
and going to tell his mom..
when he gone.. i wear my jeans while the Chocolate on my dick..and open the window and run away to the garden..and hide under the tree..i wanna run away to the street but my t shirt inside his room..

after 5 minutes she came to the garden home and she calls to me and i'm afraid from her..and she found me without t shirt ..
i smiled to her..and told her..
he lier i don't made any thing..she told me toke off ur jeans..and i toke it off..
she was surprised when see my dick with the Chocolate..and i start to smiling..
i told her this ur Chocolate and she spank me for this..
while i laugh..she start to touch my balls..and i feel horny and she suck my dick i was the happiest boy on the world..mmm was amazing...

while she suck my dick and my friend saw us from his window and i don't know what i'll do with her ..shall i but my little dick on her big ass or i lick her tits..or , or...

until i cum in her mouth and she lick all the Chocolate..

i was feeling good..that was the first time i try sex with somebody..

i have many stories with my friend ass and her mom stuff..If u like it i can write..more...

((..Sorry abut my poor english..))
Not To Drama ...
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