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Magnet Roman Slave

The day of the monthly slave sale, and father had promised me my first slave. Not just another for his household, but one of my choosing for my personal use. This was quite an event.

Initially, I found the selection disappointing. Oh they were strong to be sure, but not at all attractive. Good for heavy lifting, working in the grounds, construction and so on, but not made for indoor duties. I tried not to show my feelings, not that I need worry about upsetting the slaves for what did that matter, but because my father wanted to make this a special day for his only daughter.

“Sir,” said the trader, “Is there something in particular you wish?”

My father shrugged, as he looked along the row of muscled brutes. To him, each seemed a perfect specimen, likely to work hard and last for many years.

“My daughter is choosing today my friend, and I confess the feminine mind is as much a mystery to me as the stars”

The trader nodded sagely, and turned to me.

“Lady, is there a specific need in your mind?”

I was not about to tell him where my thoughts were heading, but felt I owed him some consideration.

“Something finer, more… delicate”

The trader’s eyes twinkled.

“Sir,” he addressed my father, “I may have such as the lady wishes, but I cannot in all honesty claim him to be the best of my stock. I mention this only because you are a fine customer and I value my position as your preferred choice”

“Your honesty does you credit,” said father, “But if he pleases my daughter I will pay the normal rate, and hold you blameless”

The trader bowed and led the way through a curtain to a backroom. .

On the floor was hunched a beautiful thing. A young male, blond, tanned, clad in a short grey tunic. Long arms and legs emerged from the tunic, soft skinned and half the muscles of the slaves outside. He looked up, deep blue eyes wide open. He started to stand even before the trader clapped his hands.

As he stood, I realised how short the tunic was - barley covering half of his thighs. Gorgeous long legs, with soft blond hair. My heart beat a little faster. I turned to my father and nodded.

Father was a kind man, and looked indulgently at me. But he was also an astute man.

“Shall we inspect the goods?” he said to the trader.

“But of course sir.” the trader replied.

He stepped closer to ‘Blondie’ as I had nicknamed the potential slave already. The grey tunic was a loose affair, tied over each shoulder. As Blondie stood there, the trader pulled at the knots and they came undone.

The grey tunic slid off Blondie’s shoulders and down his chest, showing his smoothness. Two bright nipples, a flat stomach, a little mole on his side. The tunic dropped to the floor. Disappointingly Blondie wore a simple loincloth of the same material, but at least his legs were completely bare now. A line of soft hair led from his belly button towards the loincloth.

Father viewed him in much the way he viewed cattle. Not with any great enthusiasm either, considering him to be undersized. He looked at me quizzically. I was speculating what might be concealed beneath the loincloth, and realised Blondie was blushing.

“Can we take him father?” I asked, fluttering my eyelashes in a manner I’d perfected over the years.

The trader looked doubtfully at my father, who smiled back.

“My daughter has spoken, as with her mother I know what my reply must be.”

A thought struck him.

“Is he intact?” he asked the trader.

My heart beat even faster, knowing what my father meant.

The trader frowned, “I’m not sure sir. With the lady’s permission I could check”

I tried to remain calm and dignified while a little voice in my head told me I was about to see Blondie’s manhood. Oh, how cute he looked, red cheeked and innocent, half naked and vulnerable… I nodded.

Off came the loincloth in a single movement. My eyes went straight to his penis, soft and long, hanging over smooth balls. A soft patch of hair round the base, the same blond as elsewhere. His nipples had stiffened, but I suspect fear moderated his manhood.

Father nodded to the trader, and they shook hands on the deal. A small woven purse passed between them and I heard the rattle of coins. But my eyes were surveying the purchase .

“Bought as seen” said my father.

Oh indeed, I thought, very much seen. I couldn’t wait to get Blondie home.
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This is an excellent start! You have great description and have taken time when writing this and it shows. I like the twist of it being set in the roman times, i can not wait for more!

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Interesting, very interesting! I look forward to reading more!


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good story!i <3 any roman story, and you sure have me hooked! write more soon, you have a good story started.
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super! continue please.
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intersting, please continue, this is the first roman one I have seen
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Not likely that this will be continued, the writer is banned. Had some great potential though
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Yeah, I just noticed after I wrote it. Whats with all the good writers getting banned now anyway?
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Originally Posted by Power of the diaper View Post
Yeah, I just noticed after I wrote it. Whats with all the good writers getting banned now anyway?
I've noticed that to, wierd.

I say someone should keep this going, it could be good.
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lol I should some time start to first check if an author is banned instead of reading the story and then realizing it... <.<

Sad this is not going to be continued, sounded like something unusual, new ^.^

The Roman view on slavery was quite an interesting one, it's actually weird that we don't have a story like that one here already...
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Going to lock this thread because the user is banned.

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