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Award Star Banana Dice Dare and Punishments

Hello, this is a dice dare involving bananas (amazingly enough). Eating them? Hahahaha no. They're going somewhere far more enjoyable for you! But how many? That is for the random hand of fate to decide.

Glossary: Void: To empty ones bowels.

I: Take a deep breath, and put 4 peeled bananas into a bowl. You can put them in the microwave for 30 seconds if you wish, it's your choice really. But get them ready in a bowl regardless and roll to decide your attire.

1 - Normal clothes
2 - Just underwear
3 - Just panties (unlucky men)
4 - Wear 5 pairs of underwear
5 - Complete crossdress for boys. A fancy dress costume for girls. Lacy panties and frilly skirts are in right now.
6 - 2 Diapers, plastic panties and normal clothes

II: Now you know what you need, get your clothes on, though you can leave your underwear off for a minute. Massage your butt a little if you like, but otherwise prepare it, for here comes the bananas! Take your bowl of bananas and cut them all in half, so you have eight halves. Insert one half into your anus then roll (rolling these in advance may be helpful, but if you can, don't, not knowing what's going to happen next is more fun!)

1 - Insert another banana half and roll again
2 - Insert another banana half and roll again
3 - Insert another banana half and roll again
4 - Insert another banana half and roll again
5 - Insert another banana half and roll again (I think I see a pattern...)
6 - Stop! That's enough bananas~

Bare in if you run out of banana halves, then you can move onto to step III.

III: Pull up your underwear. If you are using diapers, diaper yourself up tightly, cut a slit in the waterproof seal in the first, then put on another diaper (again tightly) and then put on the plastic panties. Now roll on the next table to see what to do next!

1 - Insert a suppository into your ass and roll again!
2 - Climb into bed and pull all your covers over you, you cannot leave til your bowels are empty
3 - Go into your garden and squat down low above some grass. The must pee before you void otherwise you shall receive a punishment!
4 - Insert a buttplug into your anus and roll again (If you don't have one you have just received a punishment! Roll again)
5 - Ring up a friend/relative, you cannot end the phonecall yourself. If you void before the you finish the conversation you receive a punishment!
6 - After you void you must not change for at least an hour. In that hour spend your time mushing it around your underwear. It's only banana right away? Unless your bowels added something to the mix... but I'm sure it all feels the same anyway ^^'

And then you're finished!... Unless you didn't abide by a rule? Cheated in some way? Fudged a roll? Naughty! And punishments should fit the crime, and so look down the punishment list and try and find what you did wrong. Then do the associated punishment. If I haven't listed what you failed to do, then do the punishment that has the crime "Anything not listed above".

Crime: Didn't have access to any crossdressing gear (panties/skirts) and so had to wear something else for the dare.
Punishment: Time to go shopping! Go to anywhere that sells clothes (A costume shop might also be ideal!) whatever you buy you must at least come home with a pair of panties and a skirt that fits you! For the weeds among us, do this online or get a friend to do it. After that, to get comfortable with your new clothes, strip naked and then put on any/all of the new clothes you've bought! If you got a friend to buy you your clothes, then spend a whole day with them (10 hours) in those clothes. If you got them yourself, spent 24 hours in them (including sleeping!).

Crime: Didn't have diapers/plastic pants.
Punishment: Well get some! There are plenty of websites out where you can buy them. Buy a nice stash of diapers and keep them somewhere secret. At least one pair of tight fitting plastic panties would be very handy too (at the end of the day, the plastic panties are for you're own good! They help prevent leaks, and could make any dare you do less messy, and any public dare less embarrassing!) The must keep the diapers until they are all used! Start doing those diaper dares !

Crime: Didn't want to insert any more bananas
Punishment: I understand. But I'm here to help and offer a supporting hand! It's not your fault if your ass if tender and unused to such treatment. However there's always a way to fix that! Insert a buttplug into your ass and keep it there for the next 24 hours! Haven't got a buttplug? Then do the next punishment instead.

Crime: Didn't wear a butt plug because do not own one.
Punishment: Didn't have an essential piece of equipment? Not acceptable! Purchase a butt plug right away! Whether be on the internet or in a shop. Once you have it, lick it at least 10 times, get it covered in saliva, get a good feel for it, then insert it into your anus. You must stay like this until: a. your partner pulls it out for you, or b. You piss through your own underwear five times.

Crime: You rolled 3 on step III and voided before you could pee.
Punishment: You must learn to pee faster! Put on a pair of underwear and ducktape it on the front and back to yourself very tightly. You now have 2 hours to piss five times! If you can't piss 5 times in the next 2 hours, then start again. You can't take the tape and underwear off until you have suceeded.

Crime: rolled 5 on step III and voided before the conversation ended.
Punishment: I know what friends and relatives can be like. You should probably go visit them, but that's neither here nor there! You must be better at talking to people! Put a suppository up your ass, and then tape underwear onto yourself nice and snug. Now get onto TORDChat. You MUST NOT tell them you are doing a dare. You MUST NOT tell them what you're currently doing (Ie, have a suppository up your ass etc). You must get 6 different people to talk to you! If they send a private message that counts, and if they send a message public with <@[Yourusername]> then that counts. You MUST NOT tell them you need people to talk to them. If anyone implies or says something such as "Are you attention seeking?" or "Are you just trying to get people to talk to you?" Then leave the chatroom, you have failed. Once you have messed yourself change your underwear and clean up. You must try again tomorrow! Once you get 6 different people, you can untape your underwear and use the bathroom, well done! Protip: Just say hello to people, ask people questions such as "What is everyone up too?", and it shouldn't be too hard. Also make sure plenty of people are in the chat to start, or you're chances are not good ^^!
Didn't have a suppository for the above punishment? Do the punishment below!

Crime: Didn't have a suppository, and so could not complete a roll/a punishment.
Punishment: Oh come on, this one is easy! Suppositories are very easy to get hold of, and sold any many chemists! Go get some, either off the internet or in person and bring them back. Once you are ready, read the instructions on the packaging, and and take the suppository! Once you feel ready, go to your bathroom, and sit on your toilet like normal, however have your underwear pulled up nice and tight, and now let go! Don't worry, try to enjoy it and if you want to mush it around with your hands. Once you're ready (If you really are enjoying yourself still make sure to limit yourself to 10 minutes of mushing!), clean yourself up thoroughly in the shower. Then dispose or clean your underwear thoroughly, and double check that your bathroom is completely clean!

Crime: Rolled a 6 on step III but didn't stick it out for the whole hour.
Punishment: Don't like the feeling of bananas against your buttocks? Well don't worry, you can't feel anything while you sleep! Tonight when you are about to go to bed, strip naked, and then put on your tightest pair of plastic panties. Then peel two bananas and put them both into your plastic panties. If there's any risk of them escaping you can use tape to seal the panties. Now go to bed and sleep like that! You also can't get out of bed for at least 6 hours once you you get in, not even to go to the bathroom!

Crime: Anything not listed above.
Punishment: Toss a coin:
Heads: Don't worry. This dare is not that easy! What you need is practise! Do at least 3 dares within the next week, and after you've done your third dare, come back and retry this dare in the week after that. I'm sure you'll do fine!
Tails: Tails? Who said Tails?! Oh. Uh... anyway. It seems you need a little extra help with this one. Get a partner or friend to help out with this dare sometime within the next 2 weeks! If you can convince, get them to do the dare with you at the same time. Regardless, sometime within the next two weeks you must repeat this dare but with someone else at least observing. It might also be helpful to have a second set of hands to get those pesky bananas up there!

So, it seems we're all done her-? What? You not only failed the dare, but FAILED your punishment? Oh? I'm hearing things, ok then. But if you did fail your punishment, the punishment for punishment failure is below!

Crime: Failed to complete a punishment
Punishment: Oh this cannot be stood for! I feel like administering a truly harsh punishment but the chances are you'll forfeit again! So instead I'll give you dares even a child could complete. Make a new e-mail address and send this dare to at least ten people you know, daring them to complete it! After you've done that, for the seven days, you must act like a child in some odd way. Every single day at the start of the day you must roll a die and do what is on the table below:

1 - "Kitties are cute!" Just before you go to bed tonight go into your bathroom, take out a thick black marker pen (Make sure you can wash it off your skin, but not easily!) and look into your mirror. Using the pen, draw a small black upside down triangle on the end of your nose. Next draw 6 lines coming from your nose, three on each side, to look like whiskers! Now go to bed like this. The real question is will you remember in the morning?
2 - "What is mazerbasing, Mommy?" One so easy a child does everyday. Don't masturbate.
3 - "I'm scared of dares, so I'll pick truth!" On this forum go the Truth section and post on the truth thread on the top of the first page, answering all the questions truthfully. You can only do this once, if you roll it again reroll.
4 - "Cussing is bad!" Carry a tissue box around with you today. You can't swear (curse/cuss) for the entire day. Every time you do, you must put a tissue down your underwear. It must remain there until tomorrow morning (You must sleep tonight in today's underwear)
5 - "I feel like being an adorable maid today!" Good! If someone asks you to do something for them or for someone else (walk your dog, make someone a drink) you must do it unless it is completely impossible. If anyone works out you are doing all tasks given to you and asks you why, always say you've always fantasised about/wanted to be a maid. If they don't believe that, then make up another reason. Regardless, you still must serve them however.
6 - "Toilet seats are yucky!" Whenever you need to sit on a toilet seat, either hover over it or sit on the rim. Whatever you do you cannot touch a toilet seat with any of your body or clothes for the day.

And we finally reach the end. Believe it or not, when I started writing this I intend it to be nice and short. *sigh* I suppose I love my punishments too much. I'd say overall I like this dare. Very doable, and I hope you like the punishment-fits-the-crime style!

PS: I'm still new at daring, so feel free to give me some feedback! What was your favourite dare? Feel certain punishments are too cruel or too fair? Or even just what your favourite punishment is here! Personally mine is the "Kitties are cute!" dare. Mainly because I know for a fact that if I did it I'd forget the next morning, and it could get very embarrassing =^_^'=

Thanks for reading!
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