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so first i rolled a 3 for panties, which I didn't have so I re-rolled and hit six so I put the diapers and so forth on. I put in all the bananas I had which was 3. I got six again so I'm still in my diaper at the time of writing this. For my punishment I went straight to the 24 hr meijer near me to pick up panties. On the way some banana slid into my diaper. Once there I did some bonus shopping and got baby wipes, an enema(I've never used on so I thought I might try it soon), some marshmallows, more bananas, panties, and a pair of bras. I did let some more banana loose while shopping. I didn't see anyone while picking out the bras and panties and meijer has self checkout so I thought I was home free. There were a few people checking out at the same time as me, but everyone minds their own business, however the bras wouldn't scan. So I had to ask help to scan them and I'm sure the lady saw at least some of the other items I picked up. I tried to convince myself she thought they were for a girlfriend, but I don't believe it.

Lastly, on the way to my car I had to poop really bad, thank God it was a full banana and not a real poop So I drove back with a log of a banana between my butt cheeks. It looks like I have to wear some of my new underwear for 24 hours. I'm nervous so we'll see how it goes.

Also, I loved this dare I'll almost certainly be doing it again soon
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