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Originally Posted by Dice7 View Post
When my sister started puberty at abotu 11 she started walkingaround nude quite a lot till she turned about 14 and pruded up all of a sudden. It was all pretty weird but hers were the first tits and pussy (real ones) i ever saw when i was about 14-15.
Ok i will never understand why some people have such a big "problem" if relatives see them naked... i have seen my sister (mother/father) naked and still see them naked, and i walk around naked sometimes if they are here too, don't really care at all...
So if my mother counts i have seen the first nude female at the age of maybe 5 min, if my sister counts i have seen the first nude female at the age of maybe 1 day... hard to say...

In a porn with maybe ... don't know... was somewhere around 12 i think... i was alone at home and watched some softcore porn at the TV.

First real nude woman? If i don't count in my young years. I was about 13 when i went to a sauna the first time... i sure saw nude woman there ... but cant remember something "special" from there.

Ok to answer the "real" question ...
I was 16 when the sister of a friend asked me to massage her, it ended in a nude massage. For me it was really just a massage... can't tell for her of course, especially as the massage and the nude part was basically her idea...
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