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Originally Posted by denialslut15 View Post
I did more, I did 25 minutes of corner time.

At the start it was just boring. I was kind of uncomfortable, especially with my hands on my heads. Half way through my hand fell and asleep and it became especially uncomfortable. I tried to make it more bearable by imagining that I couldn't move even if I wanted to because I was tied up. Near the end I kept wondering if the timer actually started because I wasn't looking when I pressed the button. I got a bit paranoid. It was definitely difficult, but overall glad I was able to complete it.
Thanks for doing this time.
Yes hands on the head is getting tough now we are approaching the half-hour mark. Next participants can keep their hands on the back, I changed the text. The focus should be on the psychological aspect, not on the physical endurance.
Its good to see the separation between thoughts at start and in the middle versus thoughts at the end. In the beginning you worry about all the practical things, at the end the boredom starts to settle. You had a nice panicking at the end.

You did great!
I feel honoured you spent your first post on getdare on my thread. Thanks.

The next one is challenged for the half-hour mark....
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