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So, here's the new promise:
  • This promise runs until October 7, 6AM UTC (the end of my current denial period).
  • The tasks accumulated by this promise are completable as soon as they are posted, and if there are tasks outstanding at the end of this promise, they must be completed before I can exit denial (but posts stop counting after that time).
  • I will report daily on the tasks accumulated and completed under this promise.
  • If you DOUBLE another person, you can still use my own DOUBLE keyword too!
  • Primary Promise: For each post made, I will spend 30 seconds in corner time, and for every 5 posts, I will edge once. This excludes my own posts. How I perform corner time can be modified by orange keywords.

The following keywords apply to this promise:

Red: one of these are usable per post, if their condition is met
  • REPORT - if it has been more than 36 hours since my last report or the start of this promise, you can use this until I report
    • This post counts five times for the primary promise, and triples any green keywords
  • 12HOURS - if I haven't made any post in 12 hours or more
    • This post counts three times for the primary promise, and doubles any green keywords
  • DOUBLE or 2X - usable any time the other red keywords aren't available
    • This post counts double toward the main promise.

Orange: one of these is allowed per post
    • The corner time from this post must be completed while kneeling
  • COIN
    • The corner time from this post must be completed with a coin or similar object held to the wall by my nose.
    • The corner time from this post must be completed while naked on all fours

Green: one of these is allowed per post, increasing to 2 after the poster has made 50 posts in this promise
  • EDGE
    • I add two edges to the promise total
  • BUST
    • I bust my balls five times
    • I write the line "This denial slut is not allowed to cum for X more day(s)." five times. For each mistake made, 1 minute is added to corner time.
    • For every 100 uses of this keyword, I sleep naked on the floor for one night (with a pillow)
  • PORN
    • I watch five minutes of porn without touching

I hope you like it

Add to my Promise in the Free for All Add Thread!

Likes: light/medium ballbusting, corner time, edging, denial

Dislikes: soft public, ice, line writing

Limits (will not break these): hard public (lots of people), family/friends, illegal, anal, scat

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