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Can you at least give us some idea of what you like and don't like?

Just think of what excites you...

Do you like the thought of being naked outside? Caught or just risk?
I guess the strongest exitment would be, doing something hidden in public or outdoor. I would also like to restrain my gf or the other way around. Maybe anal, but thats a big no go apparently for my GF

Do you like feet?
Neutral, Dont like them especially or mind them

Do you ever cause yourself pain on purpose because you like how it feels?
never really tried out, one time we played around with a hot wax candle, was okay

Do you like to do what you're told?i like that to a certain degree
34 / Male / Germany
Straight, in a realationship

Likes: Hidden Public
Maybe: Anal
Dislikes: Family & Friends
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