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Originally Posted by BananaBread View Post
Well i guess still exploring this side of me
Can you at least give us some idea of what you like and don't like?

Just think of what excites you...

Do you like the thought of being naked outside? Caught or just risk?

Do you like feet?

Do you ever cause yourself pain on purpose because you like how it feels?

Do you like to do what you're told?
I have a Kik now! Barefoot_Alien

I mostly enjoy giving dares and answering truths at this point in my life. I especially enjoy giving dares involving bare feet, exhibitionism and nudity, and inspiring powerful orgasms!

I've been experimenting with exposure lately, though there's a ton of it around.

I like daree's and submissives who are excited, grateful, and obedient, not ones who have to be blackmailed or brow-beaten into doing things.
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