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Default A getDare Edging Thread Dare

An Introduction
Originally written in a thread for megirl104 I thought I would make a public game of it and put it in the dare section. Usually I lurk but I've been a little bored lately.

It involves edging, orgasm denial, clitoris slapping and nipple pinching. As it's a general population dare I'll leave the intensity of these up to you.

Starting Off
If you enjoy this dare and intend to do it - please post saying that you are starting the dare. It will keep the dare going by ensuring other people who posted before you have to keep busy!

The Rules
Whenever a person posts in this thread (including yourself) you are to count the number of vowels, consonants and numerals in their username.

You are to edge the same number of times as the number of vowels in their username. And after each edge you are to spank your clitoris that many times. If they have a numeral in their name then you are to pinch your nipples for that many seconds after each edge.

So for example, CalmInControl has 4 vowels and 9 consonants.
You would then edge four times and after each of the four edges you would spank your clitoris nine times.

If the next username to post was abcdef123 you would edge two times. And each edge would be followed by four slaps on your clitoris and three seconds of nipple pinching.

After doing this for each post after insert one pen or pencil into your pussy. You are to continue doing this until your pussy is full and only then can you finally orgasm and take everything out of your pussy.

When you're done please post again with how many pens or pencils you managed to fit into your pussy.

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