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Default part 3

When you shower, do you ever just... stare at yourself? You undress in front of a mirror and there you are, and you just see yourself in the mirror, your penis, or your breasts and vagina, and it's not a big deal, right? It's just skin, really. A penis is just this floppy little hose between your legs, boobs are just big balls of fat on your chest, and a vagina is a simple slit between your legs. Yet, we're raised to believe we should be embarrassed of these "private parts", despite how small they really are. Even if you have a huge monster dick, or really big breasts, they're still not as significant as your face, or your legs or arms. So what's the big deal? Before today, I always wondered...

Now here I am, standing completely nude on a train, all eyes on me and my penis between my legs. My piece of skin that just... sits there. I've never felt so aware of my genitals before, but everyone on the train is making sure I know my penis is there, and that it's visible for all of them.

I really didn't even notice Andy filming my experience. He just blended in with the event. But I could see people taking their phones out and turning them at weird angles, thinking I wouldn't notice that they were clearly filming my nudity. My heart was racing. I was seriously naked in public. There were at least 10 people on this train car and at our next stop my heart dropped when I saw there was about to be a hell of a lot more.

I whispered to Andy

"Fuck, Andy I can't do this, can I have my clothes back?"

Andy turned around and saw how many people were about to get on the train.

"Are you kidding? This is going to be awesome!"
"Andy please!" I hissed back.
"I will double your pay if you stay naked."

At that point it was too late to really do anything, the subway doors opened, and people were getting on. I could tell a lot of them were headed where we were, they were wearing silly outfits and bright clothes. People were getting on and instantly looking at my naked body. Some giggled.

"Holy shit Candice, that dude is fucking naked!" one girl whispered rather loudly to her blonde companion.

Both of them took their phones out and began to take photos of my genitals. If I wasn't so nervous and embarrassed I probably would have been hard as a rock.

I sure got a lot of looks on that train ride. Some disgusted, some people thought it was funny. A guy winked at me. When our train finally came to a stop, I couldn't wait to get off with Andy.

"You did great buddy, that was so fucking awesome!"

My bare feet were cold as they walked along the rough concrete platform.

As we walked towards the stairs, there were lots of looks and laughs from people, a few curse words but no one directed anything right at me.

"Hey wait!"

Candice, one of the girls from the train caught up with me.

"My friend thinks you're cute and wants to get a picture with you! Is that okay buddy?"

I could see her friend turning around looking embarrassed that her friend had asked me. Andy agreed without giving me a chance to decide. He smiled at me and I gave him a look, but I guess I didn't mind.

Candice's friend was cute anyways, brunette with medium hair, average sized breasts from what I could see on her tank top, and cute eyeliner.

"Hi uh thanks!" she said.

Her and Candice put their arms around me.

"Hey do you mind if I touch your cock?" Candice asked.

"That would be great! Put your hand on him!" Andy replied.

As soon as my penis was in Candice's palm I became erect instantly. She took notice and smiled as Andy snapped some photos. Candice's friend put her hand on my behind and gave me a little squeeze. I don't know why but I kissed her cheek. She liked it and squeezed my bum harder.

"Geez man, why don't you just fuck me?" she laughed. Candice laughed too.

"Jesus Michelle! You're out of control."
"Michelle, huh?" I replied. "Why don't you get naked?" I was feeling so confident, I forgot I was even nude.

Candice and Michelle laughed and said goodbye and walked away from us in the opposite direction we were going. I would've loved to see either of them naked. Candice had a big bum, but her boobs were basically flat. Michelle had a nice bum too. I was still erect at this point but I was horny and didn't care. Andy took notice.

"Finally getting into it?"
"Yeah I guess I am."

And I was... until we emerged on street level and I ran into a familiar face... a few actually. Some girls from my school were already at the festival, and at once they turned to me and all gasped.


At that point my mind was racing... I had fun being naked around people I would never see again but this is different... and these girls were popular. The type who would never let a guy like me live it down that they had seen me naked, and completely erect in public.



As an extra, I thought I'd throw in this picture, as it and the video it is from are a big inspiration for this specific part of the story. I wish I could do what this guy is doing.
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