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Female Slave Market Day 2 write up:
Day 2 of my time on the Female Slave Market is here, and so is my second post! After completing several tasks yesterday morning, I decided to complete a few more light tasks last night. I began by taking on “spank it front side” (5 points) and rolled a 14 on a d20, meaning I had to spank my pussy 14 times with a wooden spoon. It was painful to say the least, especially after what my slave pussy endured the previous day with the completion of my 1,400 thrusts and earlier that same day with the Female Slave Market tasks I completed. I considered doing “spank it front side” as well, but decided my skin needed a chance to recover after all of the spankings. Instead, I decided to tackle one of the most challenging tasks, “lock it away” (20 points). This was definitely a very difficult one, as it required an extended period of time, but I did enjoy the freedom it gave me in allowing me decisions of my own. To complete this task, I had to strip completely naked and put on my gag. I also had to attach clamps to my nipples (ouch!), put on my handcuffs and wristcuffs, which were connected, and place three clothespins on each pussy lip. I decided to take this time to do nothing more than what was required in this task, as I feared doing anything else would push me too far. This was definitely extremely difficult and painful with the clothespins and nipple clamps on, and sitting in silence for an hour while I was completely exposed, gagged, and bound was definitely a thrilling but terrifying experience. I was extremely grateful when the hour was up and I was able to free myself. I did this task right before bed, and I was exhausted by the time I was done. I fell right asleep, though I woke up several times because my pussy was so wet and sensitive.

As Master Flying_tenor has since ordered that I complete all tasks on my pussy punishment thread before I can begin earning points each day, when I woke up this morning, I completed the accumulated 110 thrusts with my largest dildo, 30 spanks to my clit, 4 minutes with nipple clamps, and 4 minutes with my vibrator pressed directly to my clit. It was a challenge, and I’m still uncomfy from how much my pussy has already endured. I know it will have to endure so much more if I am to be released from the Female Slave Market.

With the 25 points from this session and the 11 points from my first post, I am now up to 38 points. This means I still need to earn 62 points to be released from the Female Slave Market.
Likes: rough, teasing, torture, tied up, clamps, extended penetration, filled pussy, ice cubes, (mild) pain, nipple play, dice dares
Dislikes: moderate pain+, constant clit stimulation, spanking, edging, public
Limits: anal, permanent, pee, scat, family, pics

I am Flying_tenor's slave for the week. You can follow my week as a slave here.

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