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Default Slave daintyryana116 has one week to earn 100 points

slave daintyryana116 willingly offered herself as a slave for a week, and I happily claimed her. You can see her post on page 11 of this thread.

slave has one week to earn 100 points, and her time starts at 0001 GMT on Thursday 16 September 2021.

Based on her likes and limits, slave can earn points in the following manner:

2 point challenges:
1 edge in whatever manner slave chooses.
Clamps on nipples for 5 minutes.
Clamps on pussy lips for 3 minutes.
Swats on the clit - slave will roll a d20 and will swat her clit that number of times, with pussy lips spread and clit hood pulled back, using a small bamboo skewer or such like.
Stuffing her pussy - slave will roll a d20 and will stuff her pussy with her largest dildo for that number of minutes.
Suck it - slave will roll a d20 and will deep throat her largest dildo for that number of minutes.

5 point challenges:
Too hot to handle - 1 ice cube inserted inside her pussy and left to melt.
Vibe - slave will roll a d20 and will hold her magic wand vibe against her clit for that number of minutes continuously. slave can earn double points if she uses her tingle spray before starting. If slave removes the vibe she loses 10 points each time it moves away, and must then also complete the time left.
Spank it front side - slave will roll a d20 and spank her pussy that number of times with a wooden spoon.
Spank it back side - slave will roll a d50 and spank her arse that number of times with a wooden spoon.
Spank it top side - slave will roll a d50 and cumulatively spank her breasts that number of times with a wooden spoon. slave may decide the split of spanks between her breasts.

10 point challenges:
Meditation - slave will roll a d20. She will then fill her pussy with her large dildo, blindfold and gag herself, and play an orgasm video through her ear buds while she vibes her clit with her magic wand for the number of minutes she has rolled.

20 point challenges:
Lock it away - For an hour, slave will be naked apart from her gag which will be inserted in her mouth and locked tightly behind her head, her clamps will be attached to her nipples, her cuffs will be on her wrists and ankles, and connected to each other, and 3 clothespegs on each pussy lip. slave may do as she pleases during the hour (noting all other rules, especially her orgasm denial...).

However, there are a couple of provisos for slave.

First, she is denied from orgasms until she earns her 100 points. Should she have an orgasm before her 100 points are earned, either accidentally or deliberately, she loses 50 points.

slave can earn a maximum of 25 points per day.

slave will also give a daily update on this thread of how she has gone on this particular day. Should she miss a post, and not provide an update by midnight GMT, she loses 25 points.

Also, slave has an outstanding series of challenges which she willingly offered herself up for. You can read that thread here.

As such, slave cannot start earning her 100 points until she has cleared all the activities from that particular thread. slave needs to learn that you don't just promise things on Get Dare and then ghost everyone.

**Edit** slave was an excellent little girl and cleared her slate from that thread. It seems like she really enjoyed the effort. In fact, she enjoyed it soooooo much, and seeing that her pussy torture thread is still open, she will now be clearing whatever she earned during the day from that thread, before starting to earn points on this thread. Isn't she lucky?

I'd like to thank slave for offering herself up for use, and I look forward to working with her over the next week. I also look forward to any comments people may have to dis/encourage her over the next week.
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I claimed slave daintyryana116. slave has one week to earn 100 points. Can she do it?

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