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Cunt slowly approached the container, aware of the hooves she was using to get there. She eyed the yellowish-brown liquid inside warily, and stole a glance towards her captor, who was busy walking away. She took a breath, equally trying to calm down and not get sick. She contemplated disobeying, and rushing her captor as he walked back inside, but knew with all of her modifications, especially the use of her arms beings taken away, there was no chance of escape. She would have to be patient to get away from this madman, and giving in to her impulses appeared only to increase her level of hell. So, closing her eyes in humiliation, she took another breath and put her flaming red lips to the small plastic nozzle at the bottom of the container and accepted the waste that flowed into her mouth. It was easily the most disgusting thing Cunt had ever tasted in her life, and just as easily the most despicable, humiliating thing she'd ever done.

"Excellent job, Cunt, you've managed to please your Master. Perhaps you'll get a reward later. But first, get on your knees."
Cunt obeyed, noticing a few things Master placed on the stable floor beside her.
"Good pony, learning your place in life already I see. Remember though, you're a pony as well as my personal toilet, and you'll serve both roles for the rest of your life. As such, I'd like you to get used to washing in my own waste as much as eating and drinking it."
With that, he whipped out his cock and pissed all over Cunt's face and hair.
"Get used to it, Cunt. A lot of the time your only shampoo for what's left of your hair will be my shit, of which you'll accept and use without question. Other times, my piss. You only get actual washings with the hose every few days, or unless I decide I want you clean a certain day. Until then, any juices your body produces and any cum, piss, or shit I leave on your body will stay on your body. Accept your new life, Cunt. And to teach you this lesson, I think I'll leave my piss in your face and hair. Your last shower was yesterday before you were suited up, so that means you'll have your next wash-down in two days. Enjoy till then, Cunt."
Cunt whimpered.

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