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Kate, or Cunt, as she is now called, wanted to scream. She wanted to break free of the suit and strangle this stranger in front of her. Thoughts of suicide and killing flashed through her mind. She began shaking harder.
"Oh, it's no use trying to cry, Cunt. Your tear ducts have been removed and I won't be swayed by guilt or pity anyways. Your purpose in life now is to serve your Master as a ponygirl. Accept your new life. Embrace it. Live to serve your new Master. There is no going back. You'll be with me till the day you die, or I get bored of you."

"This is your stable. This is where you sleep, this is where you feed, this is where you will be chained up when not in use. Food and water will be provided to you in the side of your stall," he said, motioning to one side of the stable. The rubber cock attached to the wall will give you water, but you must earn it, like any good slutslave. You earn your water by sucking on the dildo so you improve your cocksucking techniques daily. The dog bowl perched next to it will provide whatever I give you that day- dog food, apples and other sweets fit for a pony. And here," he slapped a plastic see-through carton, connected to a plastic tube that ran up the wall, "is where any other thing I give you to eat is. It is connected to my toilet. You will eat and drink every last drop that comes through this tube by the end of the day. You will come to this carton first and eat it before moving on to the dog bowl, Cunt. Failure to comply will be severely punished, and believe me, I am *always* watching," he finished, taking his time to point at four different cameras installed around the stable: one was in the corner of the wall above the entrance; once was directly overhead her stall; one was placed pointing down over the rubber cock that dispensed drinking water, and another was straight ahead of her stall.
"I am going to grab up your final body improvements. In the meantime, you are to eat at least half of the toilet container before I get back. Enjoy your first order of your new life, Cunt," he said, slapping her ass.
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