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You've been tattooed, as I'm sure you've noticed. Your face says "EATS SHIT." Which will be true very soon. I consider shit and piss to be a daily part of a slave's diet, and you *will* be forced to eat every bit of waste that comes from your Master's body. Get used to it, Cunt. Your ass says "SLAVE" on your left cheek. Just to remind you of what you are.
Ah! Now here's my favorite tattoo, if you can call it that!" He pointed at her pubic hair excitedly.
"CUNT! And not a tattoo, but made out of your own hair! This too is permanent. It will not grow past this point, so it can always be read, and yet if shaved off will grow back to this point. Very trickly stuff. Luckily, I have friends in useful places.
Hmmmm... let's see... ah! Your lips! A very alluring shade of red, no? You'll find it is permanent make-up. I love the color...."
Kate began shaking as he casually inspected her like a piece of meat.
"Your tits, clit, cunt, and nose have all been pierced. All rings have been welded to your skin, except for the nose. I may take that one on and off. Again, very tricky stuff. Oh, and that means those little bells on your clit and tits are permanent. I hope you enjoy the sounds of bells- you'll be hearing them the rest of your life.
I will not be providing any sort of support for your wonderful tits throughout your life, so do not hope for them. I want them to proudly bounce high and free for your Master, despite any pain it causes. After all, that is the slave's purpose in life, no?
Your feet should feel achy. That's normal. We shortened your Achilles tendons. You'll require tip-toes or heels to walk from now on, Cunt! Don't worry though- that's why we generously provided a pair of hooves for you. Oh, and in case you were wondering, *yes*, they are permanent. They're separate from the suit, so we were able to set your legs in the hoof boots with a very fast-drying glue that makes it impossible for your legs to be removed once dried in them. We then simply pushed a little extra material of the suit over the boots to ensure all the skin on your legs were covered.

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