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Default Kidnapped Rubber Ponygirl... for LIFE!


Don't bother to tell me I'm messed up, I know that already. Please stick to commenting on the story and the writing, not the author.

Kate opened her eyes to a blinding light. The first thing she noticed was she felt aches and pains all over her body, and that she was in some unknown location. Her eyes came to focus and she attempted to move her head from side to side and look around. She couldn't. Surprised, she opened her eyes still further and discovered she was in the middle of what looked like a barn.
"Where am I? she thought. The floor was covered in hay- yes, she could smell it- and yet strangely there was a full mirror in front of her.

She looked in the mirror and a shocked, horrified expression of a girl- no, a thing- greeted her. She was encased in a black rubber suit that covered her entire body, except for a cut-out for her protuding tits and face. Her arms were trapped behind her back and despite being inside the suit she could feel her hands were in a fist of which she could not release. She could feel cold air on her butt cheeks and assumed there was also a cut-out there. There must have also been a cut-out on top of her head, because a mane of straight, jet black hair about two inches wide fell to the back of her neck. From her nose a large gold ring dangled, and her lips had an unusual color to them, as if someone had applied deep red lipstick. Her eyes widened at the tattoos on her face: "EATS" was on one cheek, and "SHIT" was the other. She found she could not move her neck due to the suit, and was forced to settle moving her eyes down her new freak body. Her tits, natural DDs, were pierced and large gold rings, an exact match to the one on her nose, fell loosely from the pair. To her horror, small bells were attached to the rings. The rubber suit gave her an exaggerated hourglass figure. Moving her eyes still downward, she was shocked to discover a cut-out in the suit that displayed her pubic hair- or what was left of it. Instead of a tattoo, the word "CUNT" was somehow shaped from her remaining hair. Her clit had a small gold bell that matched the ones on her tits, and her pussy had a handful of large gold rings, probably seven or eight, pierced into each individual lip. She took a small step back in the wake of the growing horror coursing her way through her chest and throat, and gasped as an audible *click* was made from her feet. She was wearing what appeared to be hooves!

She struggled to accept the changes made to her body. All thoughts were scrambled around in her mind, jumping from to and fro. Words escaped her. Her captor decided it was time to break the news.

"Hello, Kate. Or should I say, "Cunt." I hope you get used to me calling you that, it's your new name for your new life!"
Kate, unable to turn her neck, slowly turned so her chest faced the sound of the voice. She opened her mouth and tried screaming but no sound was produced.
"There, there, Cunt. I can't have you speaking like a human- you aren't one! And that's what I'm here to tell you. You have no idea why I captured you, did you?"
Kate attempted to speak again, but the man simply chuckled.
"Cunt , I captured you so you can have *purpose* in your life. All I seen- for I have been watching you- was a hot secretary sucking her boss's cock everyday hoping for a raise. No, NO! You see, here, now, you have a purpose. That purpose is to be my slave. My ponygirl! And to fulfill your new purpose, and to gain your loyalty, I had to have you undergo some, uh... procedures. I suppose one thing you've noticed is you can't talk. Don't expect to again. Your vocal cords have been cut so now all you can make are horse sounds for your Master."
Kate's eyes were like globes, and she attempted to shake her head no.
"Ahhh, Cunt, saying 'no' to your Master isn't an option! That's one reason why you're in this suit. The neck portion of it is stiffened. You will only be able to see what's in front of you from this day forth. Enjoy the view, Cunt, the suit is permanent. It's been specially developed for a human-turned-pony. Pores of the skin need to breathe, so the suit was made solid enough to conceal you and yet allow your skin to breathe. It also automatically adjusts temperature- when it's hot out, it will cool you. When it's cold out, heat you up. It will also monitor your body temperature to ensure you don't die of overheating. Like I said, though, permanent- your body was dumped in a permanent hair-killing solution, then you were placed in this suit and it was applied to you using an intense amount of heat. That, is, except for the hair on top of your head. The only hair there is a mane two-inches thick planted on top of your skull. Every other hair follicle around it has been killed. The remaining hair... Well, you'll see....

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