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It's been a while ... I promise to lock myself up in chastity and wear sexy panties for 1 hour per post here in the next 12 hours, mine excluded.

For every post where you do not use any extra keywords on me (including DOUBLE), you earn 1 point. You may spend your points as follows:
  • 5 points - MYSTERY: I will have to post a link for 20 minutes of control for my Lovense Edge to the Remote Control Toy Exchange thread.
  • 5 points - INSPECT: I will have to post to the Chastity check thread and be open to inspection on kik for at least 3 hours. I can chose when/how long to post but the first hour of each session does not count. I must provide live proof within 5 minutes of a request being delivered. If I miss any of the requests during a session then I forfeit all of that session.
  • 10 points - EXTEND: Extends my promise time by 12 hours, once per poster, 48 total hours max.
  • 15 points - SCHEDULE: The poster can kik or PM me to request a Lovense Edge session of 20 minutes that I must complete.

Also, any poster may STEAL all of another posterís unspent points by naming them and saying their new point total. Each poster can STEAL only once *and then* must wait for someone else to post before spending any points. (For example, you cannot double post to STEAL and immediately spend.)

I must complete my MYSTERY and INSPECT promises before release even if I have done my total hours. I will also try to SCHEDULE time before release if the other person does not unreasonably delay.

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