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Updated Promise!


For every post on this thread the Maid will do X Deepthroats holding it for at least 10 seconds

X= being decided acording to the TRAINING Keyword

The Maid will be in denial until ALL the Deepthroats are finished.


The promise will last 14 Days + X days with X days being the number of times the "EXTEND" Keyword is used
at 25 dats right now.

Special Keywords: these keywords have restirctions on their usage. these keywords can be used for "FREE" meaning that the posters can use them alonside other keywords.

EXTEND: this keyword can be used every 1/10/50/100/200/500 posts the poster has done since the begining of this promise. (posters with over 500 posts on this thread can use it once again) (posts ending with 00 can add this keyword again.)

TRAINING: this keyword can be used every 1/10/50/100/200/500 posts the poster has done since the begining of this promise. (posters with over 500 posts on this thread can use it once again) (posts that end in 50 and 00 can also add an extra use of this keyword)

(Every new poster that uses this promise Adds one DEEPTHROAT to this promise. and every 5th time that this promise is used also adds another Deepthroat)

LAZY MAID: if the maid has not posted on the last 2 pages or in the last 24 hours every active poster can add this keyword once until the maid posts again. also if the maid did not post "SERVE" on their post. the next poster can add this KEYWORD.

Note 1. the maid is not allowed to edit their post to add this keyword if they forgot.
Note 2. if the maid double posts. they keyword is passed to the first and second post after the maid said the keyword.
note 3. if the maid posts again before another user post the keyword is lost.

For every use of this keyword it will add a 5% to the promise total and to the 3 most used Keywords

Hard Working Maid: this keyword can be used for every 100 post the maid posted since their promise started (all posters can add this once every 100th post) add 5% to the promise total and the 3 most used keywords.

SERVICE: only usable by the maid. doubles the next poster post. as long as they thank the maid for the SERVICE.

TRIPLE: as long as you DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRULPE another promise other than the maids.

TUTOR ME: and the maid will post with how many posts the user had done since the begining of their promise and wich keywords they can still add.


For these keywords. each poster can add 1 increasing it once the poster reaches 10/50/100/200 up to 5 per post. if the poster reaches 500 they can add one keyword to ALL their posts.

Note 1: posters with over 500 posts on this thread can add an extra keyword.

LINGERIE: the maid will do 10 minutes in lingerie for every use of this keyword.

Deepthroat: adds 10 normal Deepthroats.

SPANKING: adds 10 Spanks

CORNERTIME: adds 10 minutes in Cornertime.

LINEWRITTING: adds 10 lines of "This Sluty maid loves Deepthroating"

Cuffed: adds 10 minutes cuffed hands in front.

Gag: adds 10 minutes using a gag.

HELD: adds 1 Deepthroat holding it for 10 seconds (every 10th usage of this keyword nulls 1 second for the holding time to count. this can stack up to 5 seconds)

MULE I complete 10 mule kicks per leg

DOG I complete 10 fire hydrant exercises per leg

SIDE I complete 10 side-leg raises per leg


So the maid "forgot" that two special dates might be coming up during the thread!

Maid's birthday is on October 3rd. Last year maid gave away orgasms with tasks to people. but. if the promise reaches that day a new keyword will be activated.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAID: only available on OCTOBER THIRD. only usable once per poster. adds 1 training and 1 EXTEND free of charge. the training counts as the first training done per poster so it adds 1 Deepthroat.

also. Maid's 1000th post is coming "soon". if the maid is careless and reaches it.... well the maid was doing an add promise anyways for that milestone!

Happy 1000th! Maid: adds 1 Training and 1 Extend free of charge. only available as long as maid has 1000th-1010th posts. but during the whole day. so if maid starts the day with 1009 posts. the second day counts as posters being allowed to use it. (only usable once per poster)

Maid will start today with the Deepthroats! happy posting.


also SERVE

Limits: Anything not on likes.
Likes: Spankings, Deepthroats, Linewritting, Cornertime

PM Dares

Maid is not allowed to use I until they pay their debt to the 3 masters.

if you see the maid use "I" go ahead and send the maid a pm dare and the post.
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