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I would suck him off if he was willing to let me. Nails in front of a guy doesn't do anything for me.

If it is a girl and I'm told that I had to stand naked in front of the guy or suck him off. I'm sure she would have talked it over with her boyfriend first.
I will assume she is also watching. So do I strip naked and let them see or do I suck him off. Tough decision, if she is going to be by me to force my head into taking his dick. I think I will choose this humiliation.
My PM Dares Diaper humiliation - enema - suppository. I have been released from wearing diapers, who knows for how long. - like public cross dress especially skirts- light public humiliation - self paddle.
Please pm me diaper based dares.

Dislike but may make exception as part of punishment - scat, public spanking, exposing panties, may

Limit Family, illegal, local public
A well thought out request will get more attention.
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