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Default I'm my wife's plaything

So there I am in the bedroom naked and bent over the bed with my hands tied to the bedposts so that I can’t stand up, just the way my wife left me. I hear the door open and some laughing and chatting. My wife comes up the stairs and into the room with three guys. “See? There he is.” She says. She rubs my balls and cock and asks me if I am ready for some fun. She positions herself with her legs spread in front of me. I see her wet pussy and notice she has something in there. She grinds her pussy against my face. I start to lick it and feel something rubbery. She tells me to pull it out. I grab it with my teeth and as she backs away I discover it is a tied up condom full of cum. Not just one, but three. I feel one of the guys stroking my cock. Then I feel him putting a condom on my dick, leaving plenty of room at the tip.
My wife gets up and takes one of the condoms with her. She bites the tip allowing cum to ooze out onto my ass. She then smears her fingers around in the cum and works a couple into my ass. I can hear her moaning a little as she starts to work my butt hole. I peek back to see her with a condom covered dick in her mouth and one of the other guys fucking her from behind. I look back forward and discover a dick in my face. “Suck it” she commands. I start to lick the shaft while she starts pressing on my prostate. He slides his cock further into my mouth. I can feel pre-cum oozing from my cock into the condom.
The guy she has been sucking off slides his dick into my ass. I can feel more cum seeping into my condom. My wife sits on the floor under me and starts playing with my balls while one of the guys licks her pussy. I can’t take it and more. I’m about to burst. My cock starts to stiffen and twitch. She instantly stops and pushed the guy out of my ass. “Ahhhh!” I cry out. Ruined orgasm, I start streaming a cum/pre-cum mixture into my condom. They all rotate around and take on different positions. A different guy starts fucking my ass. My wife moves up in front of me so I can see one guy fucking her ass while she sucks off the other. I can’t take it any more, I erupt hands-free into my condom. That doesn’t stop the guy pounding my ass though.
The guy getting sucked off by my wife grabs her head and starts facefucking her until he pops into his condom. Shortly there after, the guy fucking her ass slows down drastically and moans with delight as he fills his condom. My wife removes both of their condoms and ties a knot in the end of each. She backs her ass up to my face so I could like her ass. There is a mixture of her ass cream and whatever else. I licked it clean. They all moved behind me and cheered on the guy that has been working my ass. In all the excitement, my dick has gotten hard again. The dude pulls out and my wife puts her fist in my ass and starts pushing on my prostate again until I put another load into my condom. The last guy strokes his cock till he cums in the meantime. My wife removes his condom and ties it off like the others.
I’m spent. My wife leaves my full condom in place, but takes the other 3 newly filled ones and the 2 remaining from what I pulled out of her in the beginning and slides them into my gaping ass. “I’ll be back in a couple hours” she says as she walks out the door with her new friends.
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