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Option 3: Uncomfortable Rain
While option 2 was about pleasure in the shower, this option is about being uncomfortable. You can do this by taking a cold shower, or maybe even a golden shower. Maybe you shower with your nipples attached to the shower curtain rod with nipple clamps. Add some hot sauce? or maybe even a shower spanking.

My Master decided to throw me in for this one. His slut got in the shower not even knowing what was happening. Sir put my spreader bar on, and had his slut kneel down so she was sitting in the tub, then added her butterfly nipple clamps onto her little tits. I’m getting more used to them but after a long playtime yesterday they were already very sore. He also put my clit clamp on and had it tied down to the spreader bar which he tied up to the shower rod so my pussy would be in the line of fire. Then, he put his sluts waterproof vibe in, and because she couldn’t cum, he decided to make me edge the entire time I was in there. Sir was kind enough to take my collar off so I wouldn’t ruin it though!

That’s when he turned the vibe on high and I knew I was in for it. The water turned on and I jumped and tried to move out of the way because of how cold it was. But Sir told me if I moved he would make his little fucktoy repeat it everyday for a week! Slut apologized and he decided to make it worse, and wanted to spank me but only if I begged for it. I love being a little painslut so of course I begged for it, and he took a flogger to my tits while the tub filled around me. My body was freezing but the heat of it made me feel a lot warmer in that one spot! Sir spanked me twenty times and the water started freezing his whores body. Her pussy was taking a cold cold beating. It honestly started to get a little sore from the constant cold daggers hitting it. Also, the clamp on my clit was moving the whole time and caused even more pain from it pulling around. I tried pulling on the spreader bar so Sir put me in my place with more flogging, and told me I’d have to do it again. By the time he was done my little tits were red and hurting, but luckily he stopped when the freezing water hit them. But owwwwwie the cold felt better at first but then made them ache even more! At that point the tub was full so Sir turned the shower off and let his little whore rest in the frozen water...Sir did take the clamps off though! All during my ordeal I edged a total of 9 times. It wouldn’t been more but because of the cold it was really really hard.

While Sirs slut waited he went to the gas station with her vibe still going. All I could think about was taking his cock deep into my pussy and finally finally relieving my itch. But that’s not coming any time soon. Just like me

Sir returned and happily unplugged the tub which I thanked him for as I was freezing. He turned the heat on high. Then waited until the frozen water was out of the tub and said he’d help his whore out. Then turned the water on which was shock to his whores body. It burned but only left her pink. Sir laughed and put me back in my clamps. Then blindfolded me, and turned the cold water back on. I heard him rustling around and suddenly felt a whole bag of ice fall over my unsuspecting body. He unblinded me and showed me a second bag of ice! Which he poured on too. Then Sir went and got ice trays from the fridge and added them. He loved the idea and told me any leftover ice cubes from the trays would go into my little fuckhole afterwards. The water continued to pour down with its little daggers hitting my pussy, and my tits soon felt the flogger again. He hit me over and over and over again, and I started moving around but this time he just laughed because I was also tugging on my clamps causing me more pain. When he stopped my body was freezing. And I could barely edge even. He let the tub fill up and left me for a while after turning my torment off. He went and watched a few videos, and came back to turn the water off. He took the spreader bar down. And had his slut to crawl around and on all fours, he took out the vibe and had her grab the ice and stuff her pussy. Of course water got in too, and I had to hold in 14 smaller cubes until they melted in the tub. When they finally did he had me get out and dry off in my puppy crate. Thank you for the amazing dare!
Not looking for a master, just looking for some fun dares!
Likes-lots of pain, tit torture, spanking, bladder control, humiliation, light pet play, bondage
Dislikes- orgasm denial, edging, light public
Limits-extreme pain, anal, piss/scat play, extreme public, pictures/video’s, kik
Toys- handcuffs, butterfly clamps, some rope, ice, ruler
, whip, coller,
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