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1) How old were you?
2) Where did it happen?
In the bathtub
3) What did you use to get yourself off (fingers, toys, pillow, etc.)?
If I recall correctly, I was splashing around until I slid under the faucet by accident.
4) How did you do it (rubbing, penetration, etc.)?
The water hit my clitoris.
5) How did you feel about it afterward? What led you to experiment in the first place?
I felt kinda guilty, maybe it was because i enjoyed it. It was not intended.
6) How often do you masturbate? (In days or weeks)
5 times a week.
7) Where is your favorite location to masturbate?
My bed.
8) What is your favorite method to get off? (Lots of clit action, penetration, toys, etc.)
Pain arouses me. I might just coat my fingers in toothpaste and rub my clit.
9) What is your favorite toy?
My hand.
10) What position do you like to be in? (Spread eagle, standing up, face down, etc.)
Spread eagle
11) Are you vocal when you masturbate?
Nope, I live with my family so I learned to make no noise.
12) What do you usually think about when you masturbate?
Hard question. It varies. Usually I'm thinking of what turns me on(like bondage or pain).
13) Do you have multiple orgasms?
13) What's your record for consecutive multiple orgasms? (If applicable)
14) What's the most amount of times you've done it in a single day? Week?
Day: 4 Week: 14
15) Have you ever been caught masturbating? If yes, elaborate.
Once, when I was fifteen. I left the washroom door unlocked by accident when I was masturbating, and my aunt caught me. I was spanked hard. I made sure to be more careful after that.
16) Have you ever masturbated in front of another girl? Details please. If not, how about a boy?
No, unless you count my aunt
17) Have you ever done it on film? Again, please explain.
18) Where is the most exciting place you have ever masturbated? Tell us about it.
The change room in a swimming pool. Not very exciting, I know. I'm cautious about these things
19) Have you ever done a masturbation dare? Describe.
20) Have you ever caught someone else masturbating?
All of my family members, at one point.
21) Have you ever done it in a car? Or other public location?
Car, no. Public locations, yes, but I make sure that I wont be caught.
22) Have you ever used a faucet or stream of water do orgasm?
Yep, that was how i got my first orgasm and many after that.
23) Have you ever humped an inanimate object to get off? What did you use?
My teddy bear when I was younger. I used some pillows and even a bottle of juice once.
24) Have you ever done it through clothing? More than just panties?
Often I find my hand straying there, but I don't masturbate a lot through clothing.
25) What's the most fun you've ever had doing it?
I'm not highly sexed, so I don't get too much pleasure from masturbating. I think the faucet is fun.
26) Are you planning on masturbating soon? When, where, and how?
Tonight. In my bed.
Make up your own truth and answer it:
27) How long have you gone without masturbating?
11 years :P the day I was born to the day I first masturbated. After that it was 3 weeks, give or take a couple days.
Likes- Mild to moderate pain, clothespins, toothpaste, bondage, anal, spanking.
Dislikes- Crossdressing, messy.
Limits- Family, needles/blood, extreme pain, friends, illegal, risky.

Items- I have most household items, no toys though.
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