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[1) How old were you? 14

2) Where did it happen? friends' bedroom

3) What did you use to get yourself off (fingers, toys, pillow, etc.)? fingers

4) How did you do it (rubbing, penetration, etc.)? rubbing

5) How did you feel about it afterward? What led you to experiment in the first place? awkward, because we were masturbating in front of each other. We found her brother's porno tape and decided to watch.

6) How often do you masturbate? (In days or weeks) 1-2 times a day

7) Where is your favorite location to masturbate? public places

8) What is your favorite method to get off? (Lots of clit action, penetration, toys, etc.) rubbing my clit and deep penetration

9) What is your favorite toy? vibrating egg

10) What position do you like to be in? (Spread eagle, standing up, face down, etc.) sitting, leaning back with legs spread

11) Are you vocal when you masturbate? at home yes, in public I try to hold it in

12) What do you usually think about when you masturbate? getting fucked

13) Do you have multiple orgasms? sometimes

13) What's your record for consecutive multiple orgasms? 4

14) What's the most amount of times you've done it in a single day? Week?
6 in a day, not sure about in a week

15) Have you ever been caught masturbating? I haven't had anyone walk in on me while masturbating, but I'm sure while doing it in public someone might have noticed something.

16) Have you ever masturbated in front of another girl? Details please. If not, how about a boy? girl, yes. With my friend watching her brother's porn. Did it a few times with her, even masturbated each other once. Also in front of boyfriends

17) Have you ever done it on film? filmed myself once so I could watch it close up.

18) Where is the most exciting place you have ever masturbated? Tell us about it. any place in public is exciting for me

19) Have you ever done a masturbation dare? yes

20) Have you ever caught someone else masturbating? no

21) Have you ever done it in a car? Or other public location? yes, in my car, bathroom at work, restaurant table/ bathroom, at my desk, park......long list

22) Have you ever used a faucet or stream of water do orgasm? yes

23) Have you ever humped an inanimate object to get off? What did you use? yes, pillow, stuffed animal when I was younger, sofa arm rest, bicycle seat, side of bathtub, just recently my car shifter knob (part of a dare), there were a few others

24) Have you ever done it through clothing? More than just panties? yes

25) What's the most fun you've ever had doing it? Having my boyfriend fuck me as soon as I start to orgasm

26) Are you planning on masturbating soon? When, where, and how? yes, before I leave work today, in the bathroom
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