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I find most requests a minor annoyance but have no qualms or problems just ignoring them. So many are from sad desperate boys who don't bother to make a genuine connection by starting with a greeting or checking my likes etc because they are not expecting a reply. Ah well. One can but laugh.

I've sent a few pms to people who look interesting to my purposes, hopefully these were not taken as spam but I had at least offered honest and polite comment and looked up the people before proceeding. As someone earlier said, there is a wealth to choose from and no reason to get caught up with the small fish. :-)

We're students, 23 f & 25 m, Australian & US, musicians, creative, sporty. Keen for banter, especially with other couples! xx

Likes: outdoors, public, sailing, tennis, streaking, fun and alternative, drinking, exchanging stories and ideas, games, banter, sports bets

Maybe: pics, giving commands

Dislikes: anal, insertions, pain, messy, prolonged, salad, being submissive, cam, demanding people
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