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Default Taking out the trash, part 2

It felt like an eternity, sitting there. The air inside the box was starting to smell gross. It smelt of piss and garbage. I was hoping Sir would let me have some fresh air soon. My nipples and ass were in so much pain now and could no longer be quit; I was moaning and crying.
“I've never heard trash make so much noise before,” said Sir’s voice from somewhere outside. “Now what can we do to make you a little quieter?” The lid opened and gratefully, I sucked in the clean air. “Wow you smell bad. This is real stinky garbage!” Sir exclaimed. My face turned red in shame. I saw Sir bend down and suddenly, I felt his fingers between my labia. Sir laughed; “I can't believe that, despite this treatment, you're still able to get horny!” My face went an even deeper shade of red. To prove his point, he held wet fingers up in front of me. I wanted to look away, but Sir rubbed my own juices in my face, under my nose and in my mouth. “Filthy little thing,” he muttered while wiping his hand on my tit.

“But, I came here to shut you up, not to pleasure you even more.”
He produced a big clump of grassy mud and without further ado, shoved it into my open mouth. I gagged and shuddered, it was so gross! I tried to push it out with my tongue, but it was so big that it stayed stuck behind my ring gag. “Good, that'll shut you up nicely.” Sir said with a grin. Drool was forming in my mouth and I was trying hard not to let it run down my throat.
He grabbed my hands that had been free until now, and cuffed them behind my back.
“If you promise to be good now, I will leave the lid open” Sir told me. I tried to nod as best as I could. I really wanted to be good and I didn't want the lid to close again “Good, I can finally go back to trimming the weeds.”

Some time passed and every now and then Sir came by with a few handfuls of grass and weeds, and chucked them into the box. The grass was itching my nose, but I was glad that at least it wasn't more gross stuff. When Sir stopped by again, I could see that he was holding two big bunches of…stinging nettles! “Oh no, not nettles!” I thought. I tried to protest, but the dirt in my mouth did a good job of silencing me. Sir waved the nettles in front of my face. “Do you want the nipple clamps off? He asked. I thought about it. This was a devilish dilemma. I was sure where the nettles were going to go. Still, I nodded. The clamps were becoming too much.

He took them off and I winced! It hurt so bad! Sir was pulling and twisting my nipples with a smile until tears welled up in my eyes again. Then he let go and patted my head. “There, all better now isn't it?” I looked up at him, not trusting this sudden display of kindness. “You know these rings that are attached to the bottom of the box are the ideal thing to hang stuff on.”
He disappeared from view and I felt something soft brush my right nipple. And then it stung! Thousands of little needles scratched an itched my sensitive skin and my painful nipples.
Sir must have hung the nettles so that they rested exactly on my tits. I was moaning again. I didn't know if it was from pain or pleasure. It hurt, but it felt so good. When Sir also shoved a bunch of nettles between my legs and pressed them against my cunt, I was panting hard and I almost came. He quickly pulled his hand back and smirked at me. “My my…such a horny little cunt. I'm starting to think you're enjoying yourself too much.” Suddenly he was gone and I was left, with the nettles stinging my most sensitive parts. But not with enough stimulation to cum.

When he returned again, he was holding up a big fat worm… and dangled it in front of my face. Instantly, my heart started to pound! I hate worms! And spiders and bugs but above all, fucking worms.
Sir was smiling like nothing was wrong. He casually brushed my cheek, my lips and my nose with the slithering, slimy worm. I shivered every time it touched my skin. Meanwhile, Sir was rubbing the nettles on my clit again and I got closer and closer to cumming, despite my repulsion.
Sir had a bemused expression on his face. “Hmm still too much fun I see,” and he stopped rubbing my clit. He dropped the worm on top of my head and took the clump of mud from my mouth. I was relieved and tried to out spit the remaining mud, but the gag made that impossible.

Then, I felt the cold, wriggly worm slowly sliding down my face… Over my eyelids, over my nose and down…into my mouth. I screamed! I tried to push it out with my tongue but it was too slippery. I tried in vain to get my handcuffs off to claw at the box and rip it off, but I was stuck. The only thing I accomplished, was hurting my trapped tits and ass more. The spikes on the stool convinced me that moving was not a good idea. Meanwhile, Sir was rubbing my clit again and I was caught between panic and arousal. Suddenly, he stopped and said “You want me to rub your cunt, don't you? And you're desperate to cum right?” I tried ignore the worm slithering around in my mouth and tried to say “yes Sir.” He nodded and grabbed another worm from a bucket and plopped it onto my head. I screamed, but at least the clit rubbing continued again. When I felt an orgasm start to build, Sir stopped again. “You want more rubbing?” I was crying now, half panicked because of the worms, but also incredibly horny. I nodded again. With a disgusting “plop” another worm landed on my head. This went on for at least 4 more times.

I was so desperate now that the worms almost didn't bother me anymore and finally, I was allowed my orgasm. It was probably good that I was firmly restrained, because my muscles lost all control. I was shaking, sweating and crying. The orgasm completely overwhelmed me.

Afterwards, I didn't notice Sir removing the nettles and releasing my wrists, my tits and neck from the frame. I didn't notice him picking me up off the stool and placing me down on the concrete floor. I was floating away in post orgasmic bliss.

I didn't even notice that my head was still trapped inside the horrible box…

….until the lid slammed down with a loud BANG.

… and the padlock clicked shut.

….And I heard Sir’s voice;

“I'm done with the gardening now. Have a nice nap. See you tomorrow…”
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