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Default The many Fantasies around my Small Penis

This story will be centered around my many fantasies in different stages of life...(starting with middle school until married life... and everything in between). The fantasies center around my submissive attitude due to my small penis. Through the story, I have changed names to protect identities (including mine), and hope to be as thorough as possible.

Please leave criticism as you see fit, I probably will not change plot lines (after all these are MY fantasies) ,but if you wish to leave constructive criticism about how I tell the story, please go ahead

Let's begin.

Part 1: Middle School Pool Humiliation
Sam, known as Sammie to his peers, was 13 just introduced to the summer between 7th and 8th grade. He wasn't very popular among his classmates but he had a few close friends he played video games with and such. He was a skinny kid, much shorter than most of his grade as well.

You see, puberty had not been as kind to Sammie as it had been to others his age. His voice, still prepubescent and squeaky, and his lack of any body hair, made him a genuinely annoying specimen to others...
Not to mention his regular bullying by other larger classmates.

Regardless, Sammie was invited to a pool party at the public one right next to school with some of the popular children, around 30-40 people. A girl he fancied named Caitlyn (Cait) was a short brown haired beautiful girl with, let's say, a more defined body type than most girls her age.

-- Side note: Caitlyn had this on again, off again boyfriend that she broke up with right before the party. Name of Derrick, was ripped and had the most defined chest and abs of anyone their age. He was tall, dark, and handsome and could probably get any girl their age. What a guy. --

Caitlyn told him about this part out of pity, she knew Sammie liked her so much but he was just so immature and he had almost no friends, so why not play with him a little bit?

Sammie went to this pool party so excited to finally hang out with popular children his age and as soon as he got there he realized his great fear.

Caitlyn, and her friends Margaret and Amanda, were wearing skin tight bikinis and splashing around in the deep end of the pool.

The only issue... Sammie was deathly afraid of the water. Not to mention, his mom picked him up some tight speedo to wear that showed his, well let's go with "undeveloped", penis.

Sammie knew his one move he had to make at this party would be to start talking to Caitlyn and maybe make her laugh a little bit, so naturally, he went to go talk her up.

Let's outline her friends real quick to show who else Sammie had to encounter in his adventures of wooing Cait. There was Margaret, a rather large, muscly female who just happened to be a lesbian. She actually was one of the regular bullies of poor Sammie.

Amanda, a heartless bitch who showed no pity to Sammie and would not even look at him when he walked over to Caitlyn.

"Hi Cait, umm what's up?"

"Hi Sammie. Glad you came"

"Yeah um... same here"... his teenage awkwardness and lack of confidence showed around such a pretty girl.

"So... why don't you get in the water with us?"

"Oh. No thanks Caitlyn I'm really hungry and I guess I'll get in afterwards"

Margaret saw his weakness and once he went to turn she reached out of the pool and grabbed his speedo by the rear, exposing his little butt cheeks to most of the public pool.

"No, little guy. Caitlyn said get in the pool!"

With this, she grabbed him and threw him by the speedo into the public pool. What ensued was a lot of thrashing and splashing. Sammie searched desperately for the side of the pool and finally he grabbed on and pulled himself up gasping for air.

He quickly pulled up the speedo so his ass was no longer exposed and he slowly caught his breath... Amongst the crowd of laughter raining down on him.

The entire pool practically saw him get bullied by a GIRL. How would Caitlyn ever talk to him again.

He sat in shame, not before sneaking a glance at Cait and seeing her snicker. She had bigger plans in mind than this simple prank.

Sammie got used to the waters slightly but didn't really talk to anyone for a solid hour after that. He stayed in the pool but really never left the side wall.

He suddenly realized something, he looked down at his speedo and saw what he imagined was true, he had gotten one of his small erections that barely showed due to his small penis in regular pants, but this was a skin tight speedo and he was soaking wet. The entire outline of his penis was practically there for any passerby.

He turned his little boner to the wall of the pool and lifted his knees to block any side-view of it. He pretended like he was doing some sort of stretch.

Needless to say, this did not fool Amanda or Margaret.

Before doing this humping looking gesture to the wall, Amanda snuck a look at Sammie alone in the pool and saw his lackluster penis sticking out in the waters. He quickly moved to the wall and she whispered this to Margaret. She was going to humiliate him once again.

"Need some help there, Sammie? Looks like you have a little problem on your hands"

She quickly reached down and grabbed him by his hairless underarms. Strongly ripping him out of the water.


Oh poor Sammie, he was only drawing more attention to his "little problem"

Everyone in the pool looked as she put him in a full-nelson that even a professional wrestler would be proud of. He was locked in.

"Wow Sammie, what's that sticking out between your legs? A baby carrot?"

Sammie was utterly humiliated as his erection was on full display for all to see, albeit covered by his thin speedo.

The laughter was booming. He closed his eyes but couldn't flush out the noise.

He struggled and struggled and she held him there for what felt like an eternity.

He opened his eyes during this humiliation, when she stopped thrashing him around to make his little penis swing side to side, and saw Caitlyn laughing her ass off with the rest of the pool.

He looked right next to Caitlyn, seeing Amanda and another face he knew too well. Derrick was right there laughing also.

After the little penis finally concluded it's erect state, he was finally released by this beast of a human known as Margaret, he ran to the bathroom crying and sniffling. He hid in the stall with a towel wrapped around him and contemplating when he should spring out of this hell hole and go home.

Just then he heard footsteps... like many sets of footsteps.

His fear increased... when he heard giggles.

He heard doors of the stalls opening and people searching. 1 by 1 they slowly approaches his in the corner of this men's bathroom. The cold floor touching his feet and was ready to make a run for it.

Speedo still on, shirtless with a towel wrapped around him. Sammie was sniffling and still had tears in his eyes, but Margaret still grabbed him and carried him to the open shower area. She was followed by none other than Caitlyn and Amanda.

"Please stop PLEASE ILL DO ANYTHING!!!" He yelled in between tears and sniffles.

"Shut up little bitch. Nothing will get you out of this. Caitlyn has known about your little crush for a long time. Time to finally show her what your working with"

"Caitlyn tell her to stop PLEASE ILL LEAVE YOU ALONE FOREVER"

"Oh no little guy... after what happened out there I wanted to see what you were really hiding under that tight ass speedo"... after saying this Caitlyn whipped out a ruler she stole from the front desk of the pool.

Sammie was going to get measured... and most likely his life would change from this moment on.

He was pinned to the ground and was unable to shift from Margaret's grip. Caitlyn was left to do the honors of pulling his speedo down and revealing his penis.

Sammie felt the cold floor on his back, this shower area smelled awful but that wasn't the most pressing issue in his life. His current love interest was about to see him at his most vulnerable.

He was crying, snot covered his area between his mouth and nose, his please of "please stop" "I'll do anything" "Caitlyn PLEASE OH MY GOD" meant nothing to these girls who clearly just wanted to get a laugh out of his little itty bitty penis.

Caitlyn made a show out of this experience.

She bent over in front of his face, exposing a gorgeous top view of her plump tits, and took her palm and gave a tight squeeze in his crotch area.

"Wow... let's hope it looks bigger than it seems, little guy"

This demeaning tone made sammies heart skip... it was the first contact his crotch had with a female, yet it wasn't in the way he wanted.

She slowly dragged his speedo down exposing his hairless genitals... and his balls and dick all in a cluster and shrunk due to the pool water.

Immediately laughter ensued



He was humiliated. And worst thing was... he started crying a lot this time. He balled his eyes out. Tears went down his face he sniffles and he looked like a crying fool. He could barely see, but he saw Caitlyn use the ruler on his soft little dicklette.


He sadly started to get aroused with one of the pretties girls in school mocking his most private secret, his erection stuck straight up with pride... at a whopping "OH MY GOD 2 3/4 INCHES!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS LITTLE PIN DICK SISSY BITCH?" "CAITLYN OH MY GOD I CANT BREATHE! ITS SO TINY HAHAHA"

Amanda pitched in "Cait... why don't you give him a little pleasure."

All three simultaneously went "oooooh" and caitlyn slowly bent over yet again and took her index finger and her thumb and started stroking him.

Not that this didn't feel good to him, it was just the circumstance he was put under.

His small 2 and then some inch cicumsized erect penis was being stroked by another girl... and she was laughing historically.

About a minute into this giggle session he felt the urge to cum... and it started to build, and just then he heard more footsteps.

Derrick just then ran into the bathroom screaming, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS"

"Oh shut up derrick get out of here... we're just having a little fun"


Sammie was grabbed, while naked, and thrown outside of the lockeroom. His little boner bouncing all over the place. He was promptly beaten to a pulp in front of all his classmates and every popular kid.

His erection went down, but the kids did not stop laughing as Derrick put bruises all over Sammie's body.

"NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE" derrick yelled at Sammie before kicking him in his dick and balls. Causing intense pain and he crouched over and grabbed his crotch.

Sammie quickly ran out of there with one hand covering his tiny, bruised dick and balls. He had to run the whole way home naked just like this, humiliated and crying more and more.

There were a few honks on the way home from passerby cars, but Sammie was already hurt and nothing could really damage him anymore.

He snuck in the house and ran to his room to ball his eyes out and curse his prepubescent penis.


This was the first of many torments to come in later parts for poor Sammie. The next story will be from the high school-post high school stage in his life.

Hopefully you enjoyed part one of the story, again any constructive criticism left will be taken into consideration and is encouraged! Tell me if you enjoyed it!

If you have any questions about my personal life (yes that is the actual size of my penis that I put in the story) please PM me, I love SPH!

Thanks for taking the time to read! New part coming soon!
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