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Default don't be afraid to modify

You will need a length of thin rope like a shoelace or twine.

Get completely naked. Tie up your balls with one loop of the rope and jerk off until you edge to that special point. Cease jerking. lay still until you lose your erection. Get dressed in at least underwear, shirt, shorts/pants and leave your room. Go get a drink or wash your hands. make a phone call. it doesn't matter. but you must be out of your room for at least five minutes. After - return to your room. strip naked and repeat the above process five times. Only for each consecutuve time increase the number of loops around your balls (this is not intended to be painful). For each time you leave your room to do something else you must change at least one article of clothing and it can't be something you've already worn.

after you are done with this process,

if someone asks why you keep changing cloths - come up with an excuse - but you will not be able to cum to completion for 24 hrs

if your balls slip from their noose then: for each time you must have a ruined orgasm each time your orgasm in the next 24 hours

if both of these things happen then you must immediatly return to your room and cum as quickly as possible preferably still dressed without any stimulation other than your opposite hand on your cock - but it must be ruined

if you are successful - after your fifth trip you must strip naked and stimulate yourself to orgasm without touching your cock with your hands - hump anything...use fingers in ur ass

finally, report your results including what clothing you wore, if ur erection "popped up" on your trips out of the room and how the experiment resulted.

no one need be home for this experiment and no pain or mess involved. But feel free to increase that if u like!
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