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As advertised my new promise:

I promise to rub myself for one minute for every post you make in the next 72 hours. I will not cum by these rubs until all are done and wonít stimulate myself in any other way.
To add to my sub side I can not double-post and only give one keyword to the others.
You can DOUBLE.
If I should not post on this and the last side (15 posts per side) you can TRIPLE.
On top you can use funny keywords to stimulate me in other ways or add to my humiliation.
You can use one keyword or DOUBLE me.
Or you can built a sentence with 3 of the words.
You can DOUBLE me on top if itís a new one. (4 keywords)

SAY IT: I will use the given sentence in my posts with up to 2 keywords. (Should I not be able to post them allÖ well bad luck)
TOY: Adds 5 minutes to the counter where I bind the hush to my penis and will give the control to someone. I am not allowed to remove it for the duration.
WHORE: Does the same but for an anal session.
HARDER: Adds a minute to the minimum time of TOY up to an hour starting from 5 minute. If full it adds another TOY.
DEEPER: Does the same for WHORE
BITCH: 5 minutes of shemale/gay porn watching without touching.
SLUT: One minute of listening to slut hypno files.
PAIN: 5 minute of clamped nipples
BLOW: Licking and sucking my fingers sensuously.
CUM: If it reaches 100 will eat all precum and cum that leaves my dick while the promise lasts.
CLIT: If it reaches 100 I will only speak of my dick as clit while the promise lasts.
DANCE: And I will try to twerk for a minute.
DIRTY: I either can only take a cold shower for a day or donít change my panties.

Stretch Goals:
50: Duration +24 hours
150: You can choose a humiliating name Iíve to call myself on getDare while the promise is not fulfilled.
300: Duration +24 hours
500: Add another keyword or 24 hours

Have fun!

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