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Effect of Posts
Every post made in this thread until 8:00pm UTC on September 16th 2021 will score 1 point except for my own posts (which will not score any points). My promise will be finished when time is up, all points are used up, and all accepted tasks (see below) are done.

Keywords (restrictions apply for each keyword individually)
SUGGEST - may only be used once every 50 individual posts after the start of my promise
You can suggest any task within my limits and offer points for it. If you violate any limit, you burn as many points as you offered and the task is automatically refused. Otherwise I can refuse the task for free if it does not include any of my likes or need to add your offer in points if it does. When I do the task, I use up points, see below.
PROMISE - may only be used in a post starting a new promise
Doubles the points I get for the post, multiplicative with DOUBLE if that one is used in the same post on me. Only once per post.
LIKE X - may only be used by me
Whenever I add a new like to my list, I will also add a new way of spending points on this like. I announce that by using this keyword. X is the new like.
GRAB X - may only be used once in total whenever I used LIKE
Used to grab a LIKE. Only one person can grab each LIKE. X is the new like.
TASK X - may only be used after successfully using GRAB and only once per GRAB
This keyword has the same effekt as SUGGEST except that the grabbed like must be included in the task. X is the like you grabbed before.

Using Points (cumulative, may be combined in a single action)
The following actions which I might do will remove points:
1 point for every minute of hypnosis files, only if I do at least 30 minutes at once
1 point for every deep throat while wearing nipple clamps, only if I do at least 15 at once
10 points for every full minute bound to an object outside
10 points for every full minute outside with clearly visible lingerie, or full 30 seconds being outside nude
X points for any task suggested with the SUGGEST keyword I did, with X being the points offered
Likes: hypnosis, oral, being helpless, hidden public, light pain
Limits: pictures, permanent, exposure

ASS contest - registration (cancelled)
hypnosis adventures
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