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No problem. Whatever and however you like to add.

Until now, my promise has been extended to the 4th September 2021 10:00 PM CEST.

So far, these new keywords have been added:


Originally Posted by Cassandra View Post
I promise to complete 10 nearly full out full in anal thrusts in chastity per post except for my own posts.

Unless extended, the promise ends on the 28th August 10:00 PM CEST, possibly extended by keywords.

Note: When stated “last post(s)” just go by what you see. You don’t have to reload all the time or correct any of your posts. Just follow the rules according to the current thread status you have.

Number of keywords per post
- You may always add one of the following keywords.
- The user who posts first on my promise may add one more different keyword. This privilege can be passed to another user with the keyword PASS TO ... (see orange keywords).
- After 10, 50, 150, and 500 posts during my promise, you may use add one more keyword as long as they are different. You can use the keyword count please to incentivize others and me to help you count.
Friends may use one keyword twice, only the others have to be different.
Feel free to request being put on my friends list.

Orange keywords with constraints

GUARDIAN …Only once per user and naming another user
You may not use any orange keywords anymore, but the named user may use them for you instead, based on the constraints you fulfill. For example, that user could use an orange keyword again which can only be used once per user if you haven’t used it yet.
If any user uses orange keywords based on your constraints, they have to state that with the keyword used, to make clear it’s used up.

PASS TO …Name another user, only if you are the user who posted first on my promise unless you already used pass to or if you received the last PASS TO ...
You lose the privilege of posting one additional different keyword for having posted first on my promise or received the last pass to. The named user can use one additional different keyword now.

COUNT PLEASEOnly once per user
Any user including me may count your posts during my promise on your request. If another user than you and me posts your count first, then it counts as 10 posts towards the main promise.

LET’S START WITH …, …, AND …Only once per user and followed by three different green keywords (not counting as keywords per post)
Adds the three chosen keywords

PRIME …Post with a number
If the number is prime and the same as your post number, it adds as many steps to walk as the number.

MOREOnly once per user plus an additional use for 10/50/150/500 posts
Extends the promise by 24 hours

HAPPYOnly once per user
All green keywords by any user in the next 60 minutes after this post are doubled, stacking with other effects.
If there’s still another happy in effect, that happy time gets prolonged by 60 minutes instead.

PAINOnly once per user
For each pain one clothing peg has to be attached to the ball sack or nipples and doesn’t count when performing the task for keyword ouch.

COMBINE …+…=…Only once per user and if you posted at least 10 times after my promise
Choose a new unique keyword for two different green keywords. This keyword can now be used by anyone with the effect of the two chosen keywords. Also, the new keyword is green. So you may also include any new keywords as result of previous combines.

SERVICEThe last service by any user had been effected
Adds two more of the next green keyword posted by another

AFTERCAREThere’s at least one post with a green keyword by another user since the last aftercare by any user
Adds two more of the last green keyword in the last post by another user containing such keywords

CATCH 22 - If the last post is mine or I didn’t post in the last 15 posts or in the last 12 hours or my last post wasn’t a double post or more (two or more posts without a post by another user in between)
Every CATCH 22 adds 1% to the total of all keywords. If I didn’t post more often than CATCH 22 during my promise, then additional 100% are added to the total of all keywords. Every CATCH 22 more than my post adds 1% on top. I’ll round up.
For every post of me beyond CATCH 22 I reduce one keyword of my choice from the total after adding the bonus.

QUIET HERE …Only if the last post is older than a full hour, followed by a number equal or smaller than the full hours since the last post
Counts as that many posts. You may also add that many additional different green keywords.

CHECKOnly once per user until I post again
For my next post I have to be plugged, gagged, cuffed, or in chastity solely for the reason of posting (not for any other reasons like promises, dares, or tasks). Stacks with other CHECKs, so I have to post as often like this before allowed to post without such a condition.

CONFESSOnly once per user until I post again
I have to use the keyword SLUT for the next posts as often as CONFESS.

SLUTOnly to be used by me triggered by CONFESS
Has the effect of both keywords service and aftercare, and stacks with those of other users.

TRIPLEIf you DOUBLE or QUADRUPLE another promise than mine. Obviously needs another promise which can be quadrupled for the latter.
Counts as three posts towards my main promise. You may add an additional but different keyword in this post.

QUADRUPLEIf you TRIPLE another promise than mine, obviously needs another promise which can be tripled
Counts as four posts towards my main promise. You may add an additional but different keyword in this post.

5X …In front of a green keyword (not counting as keywords per post), if you commit to complete the effect of this keyword yourself once for each use
Adds the chose green keyword five times but you have to do it once and report

MULTIPLY … WITH …First … has to be a green keyword, second … is a natural number
Adds that green keyword as often as the number, if there are at least that many posts since the last orange keyword and since my last post.

HELLO WORLDOnly once per user and if didn’t have a post in this thread before the start of my promise
You may use the keyword COMBINE once more.

RECRUITEDOnly once for a user you recruited to post here who has no post in this thread before the start of my promise
You may use they keyword COMBINE one additional time.
For each user you recruited I also have to recruit a new user or reactivate an old user who hasn’t posted for at least a month, posting before the end of my promise or add 100 times CATCH 22.

WHAT DID I MISS?Only once per user and if you have no post in this thread in the 30 days before the start of my promise
You may use they keyword combine once more.

BOSS/QUEEN/KINGOnly once per user and if you posted at least 150 times after my promise
You may use the keyword combine once more.

ACTIVE …Only once per user and if you add your number of posts in this thread
Adds that many anal thrusts

Green Keywords (without constraints)

MOVIE – I complete watching 20 minutes of an entertainment movie with emotions

PORN – I watch 5 minutes of porn without doing anything else.

NOPORN – I don’t watch porn for 4 hours, not counting the first 24 hours without porn.

DARE – I send one PM dare while having available PM dares myself.

WALK – I complete 1,000 steps outside. Steps in chastity count five for one. Steps naked in chastity count 100 for one. Steps naked in chastity away from the clothes count 1,000 for one.

RUN – I complete 5 minutes running with the first 30 minutes not counting.

MULE – I complete 100 mule kicks per leg

DOG – I complete 100 fire hydrant exercises per leg

SIDE – I complete 100 side-leg raises per leg

SPLIT – I complete 5 minutes stretching towards splits, bending backwards, or bending head to crotch.

PLANK – I complete 1 minute in plank with the first 20 seconds not counting.

GOBBLE – I complete 10 deepthroats full in in any way, probably fast throbbing in a short distance but full in

DEEPTHROAT – I complete 2 nearly full out full in deepthroats on my black dildo

HOLD – I complete 5 seconds on a dildo with the first 5 seconds not counting

RIP – I complete 3 nearly full out full in anal thrust on my thick nubbed dildo

SPITROAST – I complete 3 nearly full out full in deepthroat on my black dildo right after an nearly full out full in anal thrust on my old favorite dildo, or 1 if I use my knobbed dildo for anal instead

OUCH – I complete 100 clothing peg points, with 1 point per minute and clothing peg on my body, pegs on genitals count double, pegs on nipples count five times, plastic clothing pegs count double.

PLUG – I complete 10 minutes plugged with my big plug labeled "Profi". The first minutes don’t count, 1 for each of the first 60 keywords, then 1 more minute for every 60 more keywords. I may instead complete any time with my XXL tunnel plug instead, counting for 10 times as much with only 10% of the time not counting.

VOTE – Adds the square root of VOTE as required votes on the shared link, rounded down, plus how many users added VOTE at least once. Becomes invalid once I start the lock.
No keyword wasted: Also adds CHASTE for every VOTE that doesn’t make a difference in the result.

CHASTE – For Locktober, I will start a new lock without time limit, minimum time and maximum time 31 days. For each user separately, I will add the square root of CHASTE in days to the lock once started, multiplied by how many users added CHASTE at least once.
No keyword wasted: Also adds DARE for every CHASTE that doesn’t make a difference in the result.

My black dildo has an insert length of 155mm/6.1 and a diameter of 40mm/1.73in. lock options

- Min start time 31 days
- Max start time 31 days
(the lock starts with a random time between min and max start time)
- Display remaining time
- Don’t display time information from history
- No limit lock time
Offer session to Encelus
Shared links 1 day to add, 1 day to remove, choose randomly allowed, Only allowed logged in people to vote, Number visits based on keyword VOTE
Pillory 2 days added per vote
Wheel of Fortune non-cumulative 12 hours, Actions:
-1 day, +6 hours, -12 hours, +12 hours, -1 day, +2 days, -6 hours, +1 day (that’s 4.5 hours added daily on average)
Placeholder tasks added and editing allowed, feel free to suggest tasks
Penalties: Hygiene opening exceeding 45 minutes makes 4 hours pillory, missing verification every 2 days makes 12 hours pillory, Rolling the wheel three times every 2 days or 12 hours pillory
Hygiene opening every 3 days
Verification picture, Unlimited, Everyone will be able to see my picture, Enable peer verification (12 hours pillory if rejected)
Random Events: Expert

I am allowed to ask for reduction tasks, preferably for 1% of the remaining time.

Active promises
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If you spam me disrespecting my profile, or grammar, or spelling, or asking for play or relationship without previous context, punch your genitals 20 times as hard as you can.

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