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As Promised...Post #2!

For all PM dares, I may or may not give a report back.
(If you ask nicely, I might be more inclined to write a better report.)

ღ PM me "Cocktease" and I will send Monkey a picture of [my] body part of your choice and make him edge while staring at it.

ღ PM me "Treat Yo Self" and I'll buy myself a new lipstick or nail polish color, courtesy of Monkey. I'll also upload a picture of myself wearing the new purchase.

ღ PM me "Pleasure" and I'll rub my clit for five minutes.

ღ PM me "Solo" and I'll cum at some point within 24h of receiving your message.

ღ PM me "Monkey" and I'll do the above, but let Monkey listen.

These are not stackable.

Monkey = colosubguy
No, I do not want to be your Mistress.
No, I do not want to be your slave.
So don't PM me about it!

Likes, Limits, and Fantasies (click)

A Domme with a Monkey.

The Monkey, the Potato, and the Book of Truth (AMA)

My PM Dares are Offline.
I don't participate in unsolicited PM dares, so don't ask.

"iSpuds used to be an onion before she realized that she wanted a simpler, layer free life. Gordon Ramsey himself agreed to perform the surgery, but when Nigella Lawson walked in during the middle of the procedure with a bottle of scotch, things went awry. Waking up as an iOS kernel trapped in a potato's body, iSpuds successfully sued the Food Channel for 13 quintillion Zimbabwe Shillings, and now lives in an exclusive, nano-sliver coated vegetable crisper." -Runesmith

"On a scale of 1-10, what's your favorite color of the Alphabet?"

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