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Default The Winter

Cold wind blows
from beyond the wall
Frost glitters like diamonds
The winter cometh

Out in the forest
The timber wolves howl
Their bellies empty
The winter cometh

The old man struggles
And breathes his last
His debts unpaid
The winter cometh

The fair lass weeps
Silver tears that freeze
Left alone in the world
The winter cometh

They come in droves
The debt collectors
Demanding their silver
The winter cometh

Not a penny to her name
No livestock to claim
She sells her body
The winter cometh

They creep in the night
The men who use her
Drink the sweetness of her youth
The winter cometh

The silver they toss her
For the use of her body
Pays just the interest
The winter cometh

One day he will ride in
Her prince on a white horse
To take her away from this place
And spring shall come
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