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linearizationcannon 04-16-2022 10:13 PM

A new subforum for "add to" threads
There's a distinct type of semi-common thread in the "Request TORD Online" that probably deserves it's own subforum. These "add to" threads are where the thread starter isn't actually asking for dares, instead they pre-generated dares that they have to repeat every time a poster selects one.

Sometimes this is "add to chastity time*", sometimes it's "add to number of spanks**", sometimes it's "add edges***" and sometimes it's "here's a menu of dares linked to keywords, each post containing one of the keywords means doing that dare once****".

Typical traits include:
-limits to the number of posts in a row somebody can make,
-primarily focused on drumming up as many low-effort participation (less than a sentence usually) posts as possible,
-The subject of the thread is incrementing some predefined value(s).

While in all honestly, the reason I suggest this is my annoyance with what I think of as "attention whore threads", I truly believe that this type of thread is both common enough and distinct enough to be worth making a subforum for.

* ex:
** ex:
*** ex:
**** ex:

Butterfly 04-17-2022 09:14 AM

I have brought this to the attention of the other mods and have asked their opinions. We will discuss.

linearizationcannon 04-22-2022 01:40 PM

I'm curious as to how that discussion is leaning but alas I guess such is not for we lowly peons to know :p

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