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Cassandra 03-18-2020 10:33 AM

Add thread free for all
Hi everyone, :)

Short version: If you just want to add, just post. :)

Excited by having getDarians adding numbers of one or more tasks for you to do, as in add threads like this example? Pretty much like PM dares, but all in a bunch at once to work off. But despite advice like this you lack the confidence or you feel like you lack the creativity to set it all up? Or you fear of getting on too much?

Now here's your chance!!! (And if you just like to add to other people's tasks to do and make them suffer in a consensual, kinky fun way, you are welcome anyway.)

Double posts allowed, but no further consecutive posting by the same user allowed until another user posts or 1 hour has passed.

(people you add to)

You may post a PROMISE about what you are going to do for each post within the next 1 to 24 hours, for example like this:

"I promise to complete 1 deepthroat from full out to full in on my favorite dildo for each post in the following 2 hours."

You can do it with any task from any kink of yours amountable as easy or difficult as you like to, for example:

Send PM dares, write a specified line, spanks to the butt, face slaps, ball or pussy slaps, or any other spanks, push-ups, crunches, steps outside, strokes, edges, vaginal or anal thrusts, orgasms, seconds/minutes/hours/days of being naked, holding your bladder, staying on all four, staying in chastity, diapered, holding a deepthroat (where the first Y seconds/minutes/hours/days don't count), completing a fap roulette whatever you like.

Be as specific as you like to help you going through with it. Remember nobody is making any further decision on your task. You have to set it up yourself before people are adding.

But please, be reasonable! rather go with too low numbers than with too high. We want you to complete them in the end. The less you got, the earlier you completed them and can make a new promise. Start low and slow, baby steps. Makes you getting forward with big steps much sooner.
Alternatively, you can even promise to complete 1 per X full posts, just in case you need smaller numbers due to a bigger or just rather time consuming task or less experience with it.

You MUSTN'T post another promise before you time is over and before you completed all amounts given and posted a decent report. You may take any time to complete your promise after time is up though.

You may always work off your tasks in between, and post in between reports. But your promise isn't completed until the time is up and you completed all amounts given by all the posts.
You don't have to post any in between reports though.

DON'T extend your promises! If posts fell short, then let it just run out, complete the promise, report. And start a new one if you like. :)

Add for everyone

Anyone may just post without a promise in addition to add to all amounts of all promises (capped by the given time limit of course). Every post counts, even further promises by other users, reports, and your own posts.

Nobody needs to post what they add. Just go ahead and have a conversation. But, you may post DOUBLE in big bold letters followed by an ongoing promise or that promise's user name, for example:

DOUBLE Cassandra

Such a post still counts for all ongoing promises, but doubles the amount added by your post for that one user and their promise.

Option for the final amount

Once your promise's time is up, you may PM one of the posters who added to your amount or a person currently dominating you, and give them the option to half or double your total amount. You may PM others with any waiting time you like. Only the first reply counts. If they do one or the other, you continue to complete your promise's new amount but dedicate it to that user. You also add such dedication to your public completion report.

Options for promises

You may excempt your own posts from adding to your amount, but you need to clearly state so, like "My own posts won't count for my promise."

For each promise you completed, you may either extend your promise by up to 24 hours. But then you have to post at least once every day to maintain it (between 0:00 am and 11:59 pm in your local time).
Or you may add a keyword (possibly with condition), stretch goal or some other fun addition. You may steal from here, modify or invent anything new as you like.

Fail forward

Should you find yourself failing in your promise but like to try again, with all your lessons learned, give yourself some time and wait at least 14 days. Then contact anyone among the top 5 posters in this thread for a pardon. When you get one pardon, you may give up your last promise and make a new one.

Never give yourself up, even when you failed. Failing is human. Learning to walk takes around one thousand falls. Keep going, please. :)

And I start.

I promise to complete 1 deepthroat from full out to full in on my favorite dildo for each post in the following 2 hours.
(not just an example anymore)

tallguy2241 03-18-2020 10:44 AM

This is a great idea!

I promise to tie myself to tie myself to a chair, blindfolded, for 1 minute for each post in the next 3 hours.

oddjobber 03-18-2020 10:51 AM can i say DOUBLE Cassandra to double ur promise?

Cassandra 03-18-2020 10:54 AM

Yes, though you just double the effect of your post, not the total amount I collect via all posts. Just for clarification. :)

DOUBLE tallguy2241 :D

xsamss 03-18-2020 11:03 AM

I promise to complete 1 minute with 4 clothing pins on my ballsack where the first 5 minutes don't count for each post in the following 24 hours.

Cassandra 03-18-2020 11:10 AM

Just for once

DOUBLE xsamss :D

luzifell 03-18-2020 11:12 AM

so a DOUBLE CASSANDRA as a Little thank you for this great idea :)

Vivlio 03-18-2020 12:39 PM

This sound fun! I'll think of something to promise, but for now...

DOUBLE Cassandra

Cassandra 03-18-2020 12:40 PM

My promise time is up with a total of 10 (your post came 6 minutes too late but as a good sports I am still counting it). Report should be come soon. :)

Vivlio 03-18-2020 12:45 PM

Thank you for your generosity Cassandra! I didn't realize, well, let's mess with other people too then

DOUBLE xsamss :D

xsamss 03-18-2020 12:45 PM

Was doing other thing after work but after posting for 24 hours i think i should double cassandra.

Even if out of time i think you should accept it.

Cassandra 03-18-2020 01:07 PM

So after some social phone contact I got my dildo out, put it's suction cup on the shelf, with the hooks holding it against a chair, and started. 10 isn't that much but it still got my gulping and taking it. Full in from full out is quite a different story, much more straining, than the simple quick thrusts on the base while holding it in. Was arousing, too. Many thanks for giving. Promise completed. :)

@Vivlio: Yes, let's add.

@xsamss: Now you are really too late, xsamss. But let's return the favor. :D

DOUBLE xsamss

Cassandra 03-18-2020 01:54 PM

Another DOUBLE xsamss as double posts are allowed (not triple and more posts though) :)

SilvertongueLyra 03-18-2020 03:03 PM

I promise to stay in a predicament bondage of Master's choice for an hour.

A2M2 03-18-2020 03:14 PM

This is awesome! Iím just dreaming up something creative to add but Iím holding out for a really good idea.

Good luck everyone!

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