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Badgirl1200 10-07-2021 06:39 AM

Slacking on anal training
My Master has set me anal training daily for one hour and I've not really been doing it. I'm not a fan of anal, however it's not a limit and I should be able to take my Master in all holes. I'm here to ask for punishments to motivate me to do what I was supposed to do to begin with. I have a stainless steel plug with a tail I'm supposed to train with. Other than that, household objects could be used if giving an anal punishment.

Punishments that have worked before include: extended anal, spankings, mouth soaping, edging/denial.

Thank you for taking your time to correct me!

UncleSpanks 10-14-2021 08:37 AM

I would look at using orgasm denial. No cumming at all while you don't do your training. That may seem mild.
Ironically any punishment that hurts your ass works counter to what you're trying to achieve. You need punishment that are more the removal of positive things rather than the addition of painful things. The idea is to link anal training with something pleasurable.

Badgirl1200 10-16-2021 07:54 AM

That makes sense! I think I would tolerate it more if I had some kind of pleasurable stimuli with it. Will run this by Him. Thank you!

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