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andrew_b 08-05-2021 05:46 PM

Pushed to Fantasy (On Vacation)
This is a work of fiction. Although there is some truth in as far as actual things I've done and dreamed of doing. So I've written it in the style as if it had been real events. As before it will be a slow build as well but is by design. If you haven't already, please check out the first two instalments of this series "Pushed to Fantasy" & "Pushed to Fantasy (A Night at the Movies)". Links below

As the weeks/months went on from our previous escapades things began to wind down a lot more. We would still occasionally had some sort of risky fun but nowhere near the level of what I've mentioned in previous stories.

It would be fairly tame stuff, mostly flashing, taking my cock out while we were driving along etc. I felt that Kim was no longer enjoying it in the same way. We never really discussed it but gradually it just faded to doing nothing at all. I'd still spend a lot of time naked around the apartment but it was almost like we were numb to the original dynamic.

There was also the issue of us both having new jobs but no longer working together. It did hamper any of potential of having a decent friendship so we did drift a bit as well. This is why we decided to go on a trip away together to the canaries islands.

I'd never gone somewhere like that with a girl friend and yes I do mean it like that. We were never romantic even though we've obviously had some more intimate moments. I wasn't expecting anything to happen in that way or to fulfil anymore of my fantasies. It was honestly just that we both needed a break from day to day life and give us a chance to catch up. I know that sounds strange considering we live together but trust me we really have been that busy.

So the day finally came, we had the taxi ordered to bring us to the airport and the bags were packed. It had been a hot summer, so naturally I'd slept nude but it also meant less washing when I got home. I know I can't fool you though, I'm sure you know I enjoyed the feeling but like I say it had lost something.

Even with all the rush, there was trash to be taken out before we went. I'd been reminded of this numerous times throughout the morning but kept forgetting. Then I felt a tingle over me the next time Kim reminded me.

I wanted to see if she'd even notice. So I didn't bother putting anything on while I walking into the hallway to drop the bag into the rubbish shoot. The thing that surprised me though was the fact that although it felt naughty, there wasn't activity downstairs.

It might have been from the fact I hadn't much time to think about it, since we needed to make sure we'd be ready on time. This is what I considered as the reason but it didn't bother me much anyway. It did however bug me that she didn't even realise what I'd done.

When I got back inside she simply commented "hurry up and get dressed. The taxi will be here soon"

That made my heart sink but didn't have time to dwell on it as it really was time to get dressed and get going. We made our way downstairs once properly ready. Then we were on our way or at least on our way to the airport

To be continued.........

Sydney_sub 08-06-2021 08:07 PM

Thank you for starting a new installment, looking forward to it.

andrew_b 08-07-2021 04:42 AM


Originally Posted by Sydney_sub (Post 4466230)
Thank you for starting a new installment, looking forward to it.

Thanks Sydney. I know it's slow but that's how I do it, have a good bit of story fleshed out in my head. So hopefully people will like it

andrew_b 09-28-2021 05:47 PM

So we got to the airport and I'm not going to bore you with the details. This is something a lot of people have missed this past year but I'd forgotten how tedious it can be. We were both fairly tired still but decided to have a quick drink before getting on the plane.

Since I'd gotten a pint I didn't have enough time to fully finish it and honestly it was super early to fully enjoy it but Kim has a glass of rosť which was easier for her to finish.

I'm going to skip on to when were on the plane. After taking off maybe a half hour into the flight Kim was getting sleepy, possibly the wine and the early hour it still was. She then rest her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I didn't mind that, I mean we weren't involved and so what if it helps her sleep.

The thing is I was feeling fairly tired myself but not enough to drift off. So I'm not fully sure when this happened and how it did but I felt something around my crotch. When I looked down to check I found her hand resting on my dick.

She was still conked out so it's not like she was doing it on purpose. It did pose a tough dilemma. I mean the initial thought was difficult to ignore was that it felt good, possibly too good. There was clarity very quickly as I didn't want it make things awkward. I mean you know already that she's played with me before but that was a once off.

Before I could even weigh up the options they fell away in an instant. She was beginning to wake up but in the process pushed her hand into my cock more. This certainly left an impression on me, if you get what I mean. I began to sweat a little as she realised what had happened.

"Oh, how did that happen?" she acted startled

I honestly had no response, there was the worry that she'd think I'd put her hand there on purpose but she broke the fairly quickly. I guess not to let the awkwardness to continue

"I guess I must have been having a real good dream but then again I don't think you minded much either. So no harm done aye?" she summised

"Yeah I guess not" I shyly spoke

There isn't really more to tell about the rest of the journey until we got to reception in the apartments. So I'll skip on to there

We made our way to the front desk. It struck me how empty it was considering the time of year but it was still early enough. We had taken a taxi as well so probably got there before anyone else who may have been staying there.

I'm sure Kim was getting bored at the desk and I don't know what possessed her to but her hand made her way into my shorts. They weren't super tight so it wasn't that tricky to do it easily. It was a surprise for sure but even more that she'd gone under my pants as well.

It became very clear, very quickly what her intention was. So I'm there talking to the guy, giving our information. I'm not going to lie, it felt good but there was a big part of me wishing she'd picked another time to do it.

She started off slowly but every time the guy would turn around she'd pick up the pace but then slow once he was facing me. The most frustrating thing was that I was terrified of cumming there or even if my shorts got loose and falling. It was quiet but all it would have taken was some really bad timing. My shorts fall, kid walks in and well you know where I'm going with this.

This meant I was really resisting the pleasure I so badly wanted. I also wanted to maintain composure with the guy at the desk. Then she began add squeezing my tip when stroking slow. I'm not sure if he noticed any difference in me but thankfully it wasn't long after this that he gave us our room key.

It was a horrible feeling then because she couldn't continue the act. I'm full sure she did it on purpose. I was so out of sorts that she had to direct us to our room but I'm thankful she was at least listening.

When we got into our room I'd hoped she might continue but said that she was going for a power nap. My heart sank a bit but wasn't really shocked. It did give me the opportunity to finish off myself under my sheets. Yes in case you were worried we both had separate single beds. I'd conked out after that but we had both set alarms before either of us got into bed.

To be continued.........

andrew_b 10-05-2021 04:27 PM

So our alarms go off and initially I don't fully wake up but I always set a few to make sure it does make sure I'm up roughly when I wanted to. Kim had no such issue getting up. It wasn't long before I'd heard the shower going and she was ready in no time. This was my cue to get a move on myself.

As I made my own way for a wash I noticed what her outfit was for the day. It was essentially a bikini with a sarong wrapped around but not nearly clear enough to see what was underneath.

There is something I think I'd forgot to mention, is that I'd had quite a long dry spell up to this point. I was pretty sterile now as far as her body dressed but seeing her with a bit more on show did make me horny. I'll admit that the shower was a cold one. I did feel guilty about it as she's a friend but my mind wasn't thinking straight.

We decided to head to the beach as we were too late to get a spot by the pool. When we arrived and found our spot (after a good bit of looking). It was then that Kim decided to show off her bikini. I know really this isn't a big deal when you're in the sun but I'd never seen this much of her body before. On the outside I was trying to play it cool but on the inside it was like a teenager. This was the conflict I had but thankfully it led to nothing more than a mild semi.

She then lay on her back and as women do she unhooked her bikini top so she wouldn't have any tanlines on her back and asked if I'd rub lotion on her. This is definitely the most reasonable request for a friend to ask of another but the teenager in my head was imaging all sorts. There was a war going on which for now was being won by the sensible side.

So I rub her shoulders and down her back. She then spoke saying I wasn't finished.

"You didn't do my sides" she gestured

I wouldn't say panic came over me but definitely had some worry. I knew if I didn't do something quick she'd notice. So I did my best to keep within the boundaries of what was acceptable but also rubbing it in enough that she wouldn't think there was anything up.

"Thank you" she replied with a thumbs up

So I then lay on my back to relax but felt my shorts being tighter than usual. It was then I noticed the stiffness below. I quickly lay on my belly and hoped no one had seen. I'll say one thing though, sand isn't always as soft as you hope. It was a necessary discomfort.

To be continued.........

m55uk4younger 10-06-2021 01:44 AM

Keep writing please

redcamel 10-06-2021 08:16 AM

Very enjoyable. I also like your writing style, concise and effective.

patrickm 10-07-2021 09:10 AM

Pushed to Fantasy (On Vacation)
Love the slow build. Keep it coming.

andrew_b 10-09-2021 04:18 AM


Originally Posted by m55uk4younger (Post 4529744)
Keep writing please

I certainly intend to. I know where I'm going with it, I'm still trying to figure out how to get there


Originally Posted by redcamel (Post 4529994)
Very enjoyable. I also like your writing style, concise and effective.

Much appreciated. It's really the only way I know to write


Originally Posted by patrickm (Post 4531179)
Love the slow build. Keep it coming.

I didn't think the slow build would be something people liked but I'm glad you enjoy it

andrew_b 10-13-2021 04:12 PM

There isn't too much more to say about the time at the beach but my hard on did go away by the time I needed to turn over. We spent a couple of hours there, then went for lunch and refreshments to cool down. Then we went for a stroll around the town to get our bearings and to figure out where we might go for dinner/entertainment that evening.

So we get to early evening, time to get ready. There's nothing too exciting about this. I was still spending my time nude but would put shorts on to go onto the balcony. I'm up for a thrill as much as anyone else but there were some kids at the place we were staying. I figured it best to try avoid them seeing more of an adult than maybe they should.

I'd basically wait until Kim said she was nearly ready to go before finally getting dressed myself. It did still disappoint me that she was so normal about me being naked but I guess she'd just got used to it. She never really insisted on it but it was sort of an unspoken thing that I'd be naked whenever I could be around her.

So we headed out on the town but knew already where we were going for food. There was an Italian restaurant not to far from us that we'd thought we would give a go. I know this might all sound pretty dull but this is where things got more....interesting.

The guy at the door found us a seat at the wall. There weren't many people in it but we were a bit early heading out. After the guy left to give us time to look at the menu. This is when it happened. I felt Kim's foot running up my leg but didn't have much time to think. It was then in my crotch.

She wasn't even look at me, more intent on reading the menu. Now I do have a foot fetish but I'd never discussed this with her. My guess is she just enjoyed teasing me in public. She was gently moving a little bit to barely stroke me.

Now I want to make something clear. I'm sure you are wondering how no one would notice this. This restaurant had tablecloths all over. It meant she could do this the entire time without anyone being able to see. She got a lot meaner when the waiter came back to take our order though.

She give the guy her own order but meanwhile she is rubbed her foot against my cock. It was enough to give me a semi and I was doing everything fight off getting hard. Then when it was my turn to tell the guy what I wanted. She then decides to slowly push her foot deeper into my crotch. It was so painful but honest kind of hot in retrospect.

I'm not sure if the guy noticed me winch in pain. I did my best to play it off as having a cough but it's impossible to know. Then when that was done she took her foot away but the pain was immense. It stayed for a good couple of minutes and it took me a while to recover. All the while she was acting like there was anything strange happening. There was part of me enjoying it being our unspoken secret though.

We then went to a bar for drinks. This sounds like where the night would get wild but we were still pretty tired from the travelling the day before but we did get a good chance to reconnect. There wasn't any kinky talk. It was more two friends getting to know one another again.

Later in the evening we went back to our apartment. It took literally seconds for her to fall asleep in her bed when we got back but I stayed awake longer than that. I was processing the evening and my mind went back to what happened at the restaurant. It didn't seem it at the time but it was risky, especially since she didn't know how I'd react.

That was enough to get very horny and I began stroking myself like the previous night. I felt like something was missing though. I slipped myself out of my sheets but was afraid of waking Kim. My urges were getting too much so I thought I'd take another risk. So I made my way out onto the balcony.

I'm sure you've pieced this together already but to be clear. I was naked, hard and playing with myself. It felt good with the cool air passing by my body. I'd missed this so much, it was fresh because it was in a new location. It was into the early hours of the morning so really it wasn't that bad. I mean someone might be awake in one of the rooms near us but it was unlikely that I'd get caught. It's that possibility that makes it so fun though.

The more I thought about this the hornier I got. I'd spent most of the time enjoying standing so my pace was slow for the most part. I felt my body tingle from all the different factors around. The air passing by, the chance of someone catching me and the fact Kim was still asleep inside. I would then close my eyes as I got closer and at this stage it didn't take me long to cum.

Then when I gained my composure after reopening my eyes. I could not find the mess I thought I'd need to clean up. It then dawned on me how close I was to the edge. So it have gone over it. This initially worried me because I was afraid of hitting someone with it or maybe it still being there in the morning. There was nothing I could do about it, except maybe walk down to the front of the building. I was far too tired for that so then went back to bed for a good rest.

To be continued.........

BarefootAlien 10-13-2021 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by andrew_b (Post 4466720)
Thanks Sydney. I know it's slow but that's how I do it, have a good bit of story fleshed out in my head. So hopefully people will like it

You don't need to apologize for the slow burn so much. First off, it's not actually that slow. Your stories get moving pretty quickly, not feeling too slow, and not feeling rushed or just straight-up smut either. It's a nice balance!

And second... people here reading it, and liking it enough to comment on it, probably like the pacing! I know I do. ;)

andrew_b 10-13-2021 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by BarefootAlien (Post 4537954)
You don't need to apologize for the slow burn so much. First off, it's not actually that slow. Your stories get moving pretty quickly, not feeling too slow, and not feeling rushed or just straight-up smut either. It's a nice balance!

And second... people here reading it, and liking it enough to comment on it, probably like the pacing! I know I do. ;)

Well what you've stated is exactly what I aim for. I appreciate your kind words

tallishguy 10-13-2021 06:08 PM

Loving the slow burn, usually thats way better overall for the story just gotta stay patient :D

BarefootAlien 10-13-2021 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by tallishguy (Post 4538022)
Loving the slow burn, usually thats way better overall for the story just gotta stay patient :D

Agreed! The little teases on the plane and at the hotel desk were hot!

That said, I do hope it gets more intense soon... ;)

And that she makes him stay barefoot! :D (I know, I'm predictable. <_< )

redcamel 10-14-2021 04:21 AM


Originally Posted by tallishguy (Post 4538022)
Loving the slow burn, usually thats way better overall for the story just gotta stay patient :D

It's the good part of reading, if somebody wants it fast, there are a lot of video clips around that shots all to you in few minutes... More or less is the difference between slowly savor an excellent dish or throw down a sandwich, isn't it?

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