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kearns 01-25-2010 11:23 PM

Kidnapped Rubber Ponygirl... for LIFE!

Don't bother to tell me I'm messed up, I know that already. Please stick to commenting on the story and the writing, not the author.

Kate opened her eyes to a blinding light. The first thing she noticed was she felt aches and pains all over her body, and that she was in some unknown location. Her eyes came to focus and she attempted to move her head from side to side and look around. She couldn't. Surprised, she opened her eyes still further and discovered she was in the middle of what looked like a barn.
"Where am I? she thought. The floor was covered in hay- yes, she could smell it- and yet strangely there was a full mirror in front of her.

She looked in the mirror and a shocked, horrified expression of a girl- no, a thing- greeted her. She was encased in a black rubber suit that covered her entire body, except for a cut-out for her protuding tits and face. Her arms were trapped behind her back and despite being inside the suit she could feel her hands were in a fist of which she could not release. She could feel cold air on her butt cheeks and assumed there was also a cut-out there. There must have also been a cut-out on top of her head, because a mane of straight, jet black hair about two inches wide fell to the back of her neck. From her nose a large gold ring dangled, and her lips had an unusual color to them, as if someone had applied deep red lipstick. Her eyes widened at the tattoos on her face: "EATS" was on one cheek, and "SHIT" was the other. She found she could not move her neck due to the suit, and was forced to settle moving her eyes down her new freak body. Her tits, natural DDs, were pierced and large gold rings, an exact match to the one on her nose, fell loosely from the pair. To her horror, small bells were attached to the rings. The rubber suit gave her an exaggerated hourglass figure. Moving her eyes still downward, she was shocked to discover a cut-out in the suit that displayed her pubic hair- or what was left of it. Instead of a tattoo, the word "CUNT" was somehow shaped from her remaining hair. Her clit had a small gold bell that matched the ones on her tits, and her pussy had a handful of large gold rings, probably seven or eight, pierced into each individual lip. She took a small step back in the wake of the growing horror coursing her way through her chest and throat, and gasped as an audible *click* was made from her feet. She was wearing what appeared to be hooves!

She struggled to accept the changes made to her body. All thoughts were scrambled around in her mind, jumping from to and fro. Words escaped her. Her captor decided it was time to break the news.

"Hello, Kate. Or should I say, "Cunt." I hope you get used to me calling you that, it's your new name for your new life!"
Kate, unable to turn her neck, slowly turned so her chest faced the sound of the voice. She opened her mouth and tried screaming but no sound was produced.
"There, there, Cunt. I can't have you speaking like a human- you aren't one! And that's what I'm here to tell you. You have no idea why I captured you, did you?"
Kate attempted to speak again, but the man simply chuckled.
"Cunt , I captured you so you can have *purpose* in your life. All I seen- for I have been watching you- was a hot secretary sucking her boss's cock everyday hoping for a raise. No, NO! You see, here, now, you have a purpose. That purpose is to be my slave. My ponygirl! And to fulfill your new purpose, and to gain your loyalty, I had to have you undergo some, uh... procedures. I suppose one thing you've noticed is you can't talk. Don't expect to again. Your vocal cords have been cut so now all you can make are horse sounds for your Master."
Kate's eyes were like globes, and she attempted to shake her head no.
"Ahhh, Cunt, saying 'no' to your Master isn't an option! That's one reason why you're in this suit. The neck portion of it is stiffened. You will only be able to see what's in front of you from this day forth. Enjoy the view, Cunt, the suit is permanent. It's been specially developed for a human-turned-pony. Pores of the skin need to breathe, so the suit was made solid enough to conceal you and yet allow your skin to breathe. It also automatically adjusts temperature- when it's hot out, it will cool you. When it's cold out, heat you up. It will also monitor your body temperature to ensure you don't die of overheating. Like I said, though, permanent- your body was dumped in a permanent hair-killing solution, then you were placed in this suit and it was applied to you using an intense amount of heat. That, is, except for the hair on top of your head. The only hair there is a mane two-inches thick planted on top of your skull. Every other hair follicle around it has been killed. The remaining hair... Well, you'll see....

kearns 01-25-2010 11:31 PM

You've been tattooed, as I'm sure you've noticed. Your face says "EATS SHIT." Which will be true very soon. I consider shit and piss to be a daily part of a slave's diet, and you *will* be forced to eat every bit of waste that comes from your Master's body. Get used to it, Cunt. Your ass says "SLAVE" on your left cheek. Just to remind you of what you are.
Ah! Now here's my favorite tattoo, if you can call it that!" He pointed at her pubic hair excitedly.
"CUNT! And not a tattoo, but made out of your own hair! This too is permanent. It will not grow past this point, so it can always be read, and yet if shaved off will grow back to this point. Very trickly stuff. Luckily, I have friends in useful places.
Hmmmm... let's see... ah! Your lips! A very alluring shade of red, no? You'll find it is permanent make-up. I love the color...."
Kate began shaking as he casually inspected her like a piece of meat.
"Your tits, clit, cunt, and nose have all been pierced. All rings have been welded to your skin, except for the nose. I may take that one on and off. Again, very tricky stuff. Oh, and that means those little bells on your clit and tits are permanent. I hope you enjoy the sounds of bells- you'll be hearing them the rest of your life.
I will not be providing any sort of support for your wonderful tits throughout your life, so do not hope for them. I want them to proudly bounce high and free for your Master, despite any pain it causes. After all, that is the slave's purpose in life, no?
Your feet should feel achy. That's normal. We shortened your Achilles tendons. You'll require tip-toes or heels to walk from now on, Cunt! Don't worry though- that's why we generously provided a pair of hooves for you. Oh, and in case you were wondering, *yes*, they are permanent. They're separate from the suit, so we were able to set your legs in the hoof boots with a very fast-drying glue that makes it impossible for your legs to be removed once dried in them. We then simply pushed a little extra material of the suit over the boots to ensure all the skin on your legs were covered.

kearns 01-25-2010 11:35 PM

Your arms have been locked behind you in one sleeve of the suit, one arm over another. As the suit is permanent, so too is the arm trapping. Ponies do not use hands, thus I see no reason why my Cunt should use hands. Don't worry though, soon your arms will atrophy and you'll forget all about them. Oh! Almost forgot to tell you! Before we applied the suit and locked your arms behind you, your hands were surgically sewed up individually and permanently glued into rubber horse hooves. This is to make sure you entertain no thoughts of escape or your former life. Remember, a slave's purpose is to serve her Master, and that can't happen if Cunt is thinking about her past life!"

kearns 01-25-2010 11:38 PM

Kate, or Cunt, as she is now called, wanted to scream. She wanted to break free of the suit and strangle this stranger in front of her. Thoughts of suicide and killing flashed through her mind. She began shaking harder.
"Oh, it's no use trying to cry, Cunt. Your tear ducts have been removed and I won't be swayed by guilt or pity anyways. Your purpose in life now is to serve your Master as a ponygirl. Accept your new life. Embrace it. Live to serve your new Master. There is no going back. You'll be with me till the day you die, or I get bored of you."

"This is your stable. This is where you sleep, this is where you feed, this is where you will be chained up when not in use. Food and water will be provided to you in the side of your stall," he said, motioning to one side of the stable. The rubber cock attached to the wall will give you water, but you must earn it, like any good slutslave. You earn your water by sucking on the dildo so you improve your cocksucking techniques daily. The dog bowl perched next to it will provide whatever I give you that day- dog food, apples and other sweets fit for a pony. And here," he slapped a plastic see-through carton, connected to a plastic tube that ran up the wall, "is where any other thing I give you to eat is. It is connected to my toilet. You will eat and drink every last drop that comes through this tube by the end of the day. You will come to this carton first and eat it before moving on to the dog bowl, Cunt. Failure to comply will be severely punished, and believe me, I am *always* watching," he finished, taking his time to point at four different cameras installed around the stable: one was in the corner of the wall above the entrance; once was directly overhead her stall; one was placed pointing down over the rubber cock that dispensed drinking water, and another was straight ahead of her stall.
"I am going to grab up your final body improvements. In the meantime, you are to eat at least half of the toilet container before I get back. Enjoy your first order of your new life, Cunt," he said, slapping her ass.

kearns 01-25-2010 11:41 PM

Cunt slowly approached the container, aware of the hooves she was using to get there. She eyed the yellowish-brown liquid inside warily, and stole a glance towards her captor, who was busy walking away. She took a breath, equally trying to calm down and not get sick. She contemplated disobeying, and rushing her captor as he walked back inside, but knew with all of her modifications, especially the use of her arms beings taken away, there was no chance of escape. She would have to be patient to get away from this madman, and giving in to her impulses appeared only to increase her level of hell. So, closing her eyes in humiliation, she took another breath and put her flaming red lips to the small plastic nozzle at the bottom of the container and accepted the waste that flowed into her mouth. It was easily the most disgusting thing Cunt had ever tasted in her life, and just as easily the most despicable, humiliating thing she'd ever done.

"Excellent job, Cunt, you've managed to please your Master. Perhaps you'll get a reward later. But first, get on your knees."
Cunt obeyed, noticing a few things Master placed on the stable floor beside her.
"Good pony, learning your place in life already I see. Remember though, you're a pony as well as my personal toilet, and you'll serve both roles for the rest of your life. As such, I'd like you to get used to washing in my own waste as much as eating and drinking it."
With that, he whipped out his cock and pissed all over Cunt's face and hair.
"Get used to it, Cunt. A lot of the time your only shampoo for what's left of your hair will be my shit, of which you'll accept and use without question. Other times, my piss. You only get actual washings with the hose every few days, or unless I decide I want you clean a certain day. Until then, any juices your body produces and any cum, piss, or shit I leave on your body will stay on your body. Accept your new life, Cunt. And to teach you this lesson, I think I'll leave my piss in your face and hair. Your last shower was yesterday before you were suited up, so that means you'll have your next wash-down in two days. Enjoy till then, Cunt."
Cunt whimpered.

kearns 01-25-2010 11:44 PM

"Okay slave, here are your new fittings. The first, your bit. You will have this in all day, except when you're sleeping and eating. I hope you enjoy the modification I made to the otherwise normal bit."
Cunt didn't know what he was talking about until the big black bit was in her mouth. A moderately-sized rubber dildo was attached to the bit, causing her to gag for a few seconds.
"Relax, Cunt, you'll get used to it. Or at least you'd better. Although it isn't a part of your body like the rings or suit, it is nonetheless permanent. You'll have this dildo always in your mouth. The interesting thing, though, is that it isn't your ordinary dildo. Rather, it has a small internal clock, set to every twenty seconds, and a container that holds real horse cum. That means every twenty seconds of the rest of your life, Cunt, your slavemouth will be filled with horse cum you will be forced to swallow. Accept it, Cunt."
Just as he mouthed the word Cunt, ("My new name" she thought to herself ashamedly) the dildo automatically squeezed itself and a load of disgusting, foul-tasting cum oozed out. Cunt closed her eyes in humiliation as she swallowed the first taste of cum in her new life, and her Master smiled.
"Your second improvement: blinders. Well, not now anyways, but certainly later. For now, I want to show you something which you should also get used to."
He grabbed four dildos, larger this time with two cocks attached to make one pair, and fiddled around with them on the sides of her head for a minute. Cunt now had two rubber cocks on each side of her face, which drooped down, obstructing her vision.
"Tada! Cock blinders, I call them. They have the normal effect of blinders, but..."
He pressed a button on the back of each double-cock blinder, and all four squirted cum onto her face.
"...they time up with the cock in your mouth to squirt cum all over your face. They won't be used too much when we start you actually taking me places where you need some semblance of sight. But get used to them for your very long training period, and days when you're a bad pony. Get used to cocks in your every hole, Cunt. Get used to them in, on, and around your body. Get used to the taste of your Master's cum and gallons upon gallons of horse cum. Get used to the taste of piss and shit. Remember, cocks, cum, piss, and shit: they are all main parts of your diet now, Cunt."

kearns 01-25-2010 11:50 PM

Cunt remained on her knees, forced to accept cum being blasted onto her face and in her mouth every twenty seconds. If she could cry, she would. She knew- *knew*- she'd be stuck here with this psychopath for the rest of her life. And that meant humiliation upon humiliation, squirts of cum and a constant supply of piss and shit, and who knew what else. She was beginning to accept her fate.

"Bend over, Cunt."
Cunt did.
"This here is made out of your remaining hair before you were dipped in the permanent hair-loss solution. It's quite a bushy little tail. It almost reminds me of Elaine's hair- y'know, from Seinfeld. This won't be fun but it's a necessary part of becoming a pony and serving your Master."
He slowly pushed a freezing cold butt plug into Cunt's tight ass cheeks, admiring the plain black "SLAVE" tattoo on her left cheek. Cunt squealed but otherwise could not object. It came in with a *plop*, and Cunt sagged to the ground, her bells jingling a merry tune that belied her current predicament. Another collective squirt of the cocks degraded her even further.
"Again, Cunt, this plug is permanent. Get used to it. It will be in you at all times, except when you use the bathroom. Over time, we'll switch over to larger plugs but right now I need to prepare your tight ass for that and my cock. I also have a dildo that will often be shoved deep in your Cunt, but I will spare from using that from time to time because I'm not a cruel Master. I also do not wish to overuse your wonderful cunt. Anyways, for now I'll remove the bit and blinders, then I'll attach your collar and leash to you and your stall's pole. You'll eat your Master's gifts like a good toilet, then I'll turn off the lights and let my slave get to sleep. We have a big day ahead of us, your first as a slave and ponygirl!"

He removed the cockblinders and bit, though not before forcing Cunt to accept one more squirt. He attached the collar and leash and slapped her on the ass, alerting her to start her awkward walk in her hooves. Leading her to her stall, Cunt noticed a pair of headphones in Master's hand.
"And here you are," he said, clipping the leash to a wooden pole. "Eat up, I'll set the lights to dim in five. If tomorrow I found out you haven't been a good toilet, I'll whip your ass till it's raw. And get used to sleeping standing up- laying down is something humans do! Oh, and one more thing: these headphones will be put on you every night and periodically throughout the day. Ponies don't listen to music, but slaves listen to their owner. And I own you. So this pair of headphones will play one looping track of your Master's voice, designed to reinforce your training. If you remove them, I'll whip you till your ass is red." He placed them over Cunt's ears, and pressed a switch that started the track.
"You will obey your Master. You will obey your Master. You will obey because you are a slave. You will accept your life as a slavepony. You will accept your life as Master's toilet. You will obey your Master...."
Cunt cringed, noticing both the drying cum on her previously beautiful face and Master's eyes on her. With a gulp she dragged her hooves to the plastic container and, defeated, put her slavelips to the nozzle.

twistedmaster 01-26-2010 01:34 AM

I love this story. It's like my dream come true! Please continue!

mijman 01-26-2010 12:48 PM

Great story, The start was very good, Shame we didn't see when Kate was captured.
Please for the love of God Keep writing this story. GOOD LUCK

kearns 01-26-2010 07:53 PM

I've written the second part and will post it later tonight. I'm glad that despite only getting two replies thus far both have been very positive. I was afraid no one would appreciate the story. Thanks, guys.

kearns 01-26-2010 11:22 PM

I really love stories where someone is kidnapped or blackmailed into slavery, especially when they can never return to their old life. I'm also really into ponygirls, body modification, and toilet slaves. The result is the second part of my twisted tale. I would never do anything like this in real life, so please comment on the story and not how messed up I am. Also, if anyone wants to discuss any elements here in this chapter (or panties/bras and forced feminization, my other major fetishes), or wants to pass along any similar stories or web sites, please PM me. I'm always willing to talk.

Part Two

"Rise and shine, my little pony!"
Kate opened her eyes to find her Master in front of her, removing the headphones that made her task of sleeping that much more difficult.
"Big day for you, we start your training!" he said, setting the headphones to the side and picking up a large silver pail.
Kate simply watched her Master pick up the pail with a blank expression that quickly turned to disgust when he splashed the contents on her face and chest. Without even seeing the contents of the pail she could tell by its smell it was her Master's urine.
"There's your bath for today. Now we gotta wash your hair."
Cunt gulped as she remembered her Master's words from yesterday. Her Master slipped into two rubber gloves like a doctor would wear, then picked up a piece of solid waste from a second pail. Cunt wished she could use her hands, even if it was to only cover her nose.
"A little more piss to wetten your hair, I think," her Master stated matter-of-factly, using his free hands to dump the rest of the first pail's contents over her head. "And now..." Master finished to himself, taking the shit and mixing it through his slave's hair from bottom to top, top to bottom. Cunt wanted to scream, but knew she couldn't.
"You need to learn to accept this, Cunt. It will only get harder, especially if you don't."
Her Master bent over to pick up the rest of the pail's contents, and decided to rub it all over Cunt's face until his waste half-covered the tattoos guaranteed to ensure Cunt could never go back to a normal life. Cunt wanted to throw up as she stood on her hooves and was forced to accept what she thought was sure to be an almost daily humiliation.
"I'm going to release you so you can eat breakfast. Afterwards, I'll let you use the bathroom and then we'll start your training."

kearns 01-26-2010 11:24 PM

Cunt's leash was untied from the pole in her stall.
"Eat up, slave."
Cunt, unable to turn her neck due to the rubber suit, turned her body to the side of the stall where her food was before she began walking. The bells on her tits and clit jingled softly as her hooves carried her to her breakfast. Her arms locked behind her back were in an intense amount of pain, something Cunt ignored yesterday because of her dire circumstance. She approached the dog bowl, only to find a small amount of mush that she was positive was dog food. She bent over the bowl, her nose ring dangling in front of her as she did so. A drop of shit that mixed with the urine on her face fell into the bowl, and she realized if she wanted to eat food today she'd have to swallow yet another piece of her Master's "treats." She took a hesitant bite but was quickly stopped by her Master's angry voice.
"You are to eat everything in the toilet container BEFORE you eat what's in the dog bowl, you stupid Cunt! I told you this yesterday! And because you disobeyed your owner, you must now accept punishment!"
He rushed to the other side of the barn and grabbed a few objects before storming into her stall. First, he connected Cunt to the pole again, and unfolded a black whip that caused Cunt to squeal.
"It's only five lashes because it's your first day, but I'll increase the amount with every incident of disobedience or even delay in obedience."
He brought the whip against Cunt's bare ass, the sting making Cunt wish she could scream in agony.
Finally the torture ended, but not before her Master gave her red, striped ass a hard slap.
"The punishment isn't over, though. You've also earned a few more punishments, which you'll get after you eat. Now, unless you want ten lashes, I suggest you start eating from the toilet container."
He unhooked her and she stumbled over to the side of the stall for the second time. Pressing her shit-covered lips over the toilet container's plastic nozzle, she began sucking and swallowing the liquidy contents. Fortunately there wasn't much, because she guessed a lot of today's waste was already on her body.

kearns 01-26-2010 11:25 PM

"Okay, Cunt, you may eat the rest of your breakfast."
Cunt slided over to the dog bowl and quickly downed the dog food, hoping to get the taste of shit and piss out of her mouth. She then glued her lips over the rubber cock attached to the wall, gulping down as much water as she could. Her Master enjoyed the sight of his slave: the entire ponygirl get-up, with his shit and piss in her hair and on her tattooed face, her dark-red lips engorging the cock attached to the wall. Better yet, the camera tilted towards the cock was recording all of it for his future pleasure. Getting a hard-on, her Master walked over to her and slapped her ass cheek that proudly proclaimed what she was: a SLAVE.
"When you suck this cock you are to have your eyes fixated on the camera. If I ever see you move your eyes away in the recording you will be punished." He slapped her ass again, causing her ass to pleasantly jiggle. He removed the butt plug from her.
"Let's go, Cunt." He attached the leash to her and led her to the corner of her stall, her bells jingling the entire way.
Cunt have him a confused look.
"Go, Cunt. You have swallowed a lot of piss and shit yesterday and today, and it's time you use the bathroom. Go."
Cunt couldn't believe it. She was going to be forced to use the bathroom in front of her Master and all the cameras in the stall, always to be surrounded by the resulting stink when she goes to sleep at night?
No, not use the bathroom, she thought. Humans use bathrooms.
Did she really just think that? She wanted to shake her head in refusal, because she knew it must be a thought implanted from the headphones. However, she remembered she physically just couldn't do that.
"Let's go Cunt, or the next time you'll be allowed to use the bathroom is when you return to your stall to sleep- and then I'll make you use your waste as a blanket."
Cunt moved her hooves apart with small, quick steps. Squatting down, clenching her soiled face and closing her eyes in humiliation, she pissed on the hay that covered the floor, her urine splashing all over her hooves and rings in her pussy lips.
"Don't expect me to ever wipe the pussy I own after you take a piss, Cunt. After all, your piss is most likely MY piss, and you are not allowed to ever waste your Master's treats. Therefore, consider it an honor to let it dry on you, a sweet perfume to go with your pussy jewelry."
Cunt wasn't listening. She was already squatting over further and releasing her own solid "treats." If her face wasn't coated in tattoos, piss, shit, and long-dried cum, her Master would find his slave blushing intensely.
"Ahhh, a wonderful smell to adorn Cunt's new home. Okay, Cunt, time for you to get your tail back."
He reinserted the plug after ordering Cunt to bend over, then walked over to the front of the stall leading Cunt by her leash.
"I said there would be more punishments coming today. They go in now."
He picked up a large dildo from his pile and showed it to the ponygirl. Cunt gasped. It was a monster piece of rubber, a crude cock if you could call it that. It was slightly thicker than a soda can, with small ridges that covered the surface. It was maybe five inches tall, and two metal braces were attached to it. The top narrowed off to a tip that Cunt guessed was supposed to resemble a cockhead.
"This is going into your pussy for the whole day. The metal braces lock onto your thighs and will hold it in. Normally you'd get used to it fast, but you'll be doing a lot of walking today and it will be sure to get a lot of your attention."
Her Master brought himself to thigh-level and loosely attached the braces to her thighs. Going slow, he moved it up further and further. Cunt stared at the monster in disbelief. She was going to have this thing inside her all day?!? It reached the entrance of her hole and she squealed. Deeper and deeper he pushed it, making her gasp. Her tight hole was expanding. Finally, her Master relented and locked the braces tight against her thighs. There was no escaping the beast.
"Here's your bit. This isn't a punishment, it's just a part of your daily life from now on." Cunt opened her mouth and accepted the bit, slightly gagging again on the rubber dildo that she realized will be with her for the rest of her life. Another thought flickered through her mind: she now had all of her holes stuffed and was going to be essentially gang-banged for the rest of the day, and quite possibly for the rest of her life.
"This IS is a punishment," her Master continued, snapping Cunt out of her own thoughts. He pressed on the bit. Nothing happened. Another second later, her mouth was filled with gooey horse cum she remembered she'd be tasting for the rest of her life.
"Instead of twenty seconds, I've set it to ten for the rest of the day. I'm also going to set it to fifteen permanently because of your earlier incident and because you hesitated when doing your business in front of your Master. When I give you a command, you are to obey immediately."
Cunt closed her eyes as her Master attached something to both sides of her head.
"Great," she thought, "now I'll be tasting cum every fifteen seconds for the remainder of my miserable existence." She wanted to scream in frustration and agony, but instead opened her eyes to four angry cocks glaring at her.
"Remember the cock blinders, Cunt? They're your last punishment. You'll be wearing them all day, including when you go to sleep tonight. They've also been set to ten seconds."
Another load of cum gushed into her mouth just as she received four blastings of sticky cum to add to her piss-and-shit-covered face. She squealed, one of the last sounds she could make to show her objection to her treatment. Her Master threw on another set of headphones over her ears, and, taking her leash, led her to the barn's entrance. Cunt could feel the cock buried deep in her pussy as she was forced to walk, making it extremely uncomfortable for her. She could feel the pain brought on by having her arms in one position for hours on end, she could hear her bells that were a permanent part of her jingle as she followed her owner reluctantly, could hear her hooves that now counted for feet produce a *plod, plod* sound as she was walked out of her new home. She could smell the shit and piss on her face, and the increasing amount of horse cum unloading on her helpless, previously feminine and beautiful face. She could taste the same cum being emptied into her mouth every ten seconds, and the taste of rubber that meant having her slavemouth filled. She could taste a hint of her Master's piss and shit she was forced to accept as his personal toilet earlier, knowing that aftertaste was going to be just as permanent as the rubber suit or tattoos or rings or hooves, knowing the same aftertaste also symbolized a gnawing sense of fear and uncertainty that plagued her new life as a ponygirl as she was led from the barn....

RoxanneTV 01-27-2010 08:10 AM

I agree with the others, i love this story. Hope your keep writing more to it

mausi7280bi 01-28-2010 06:35 AM

No good story ,

There are illegal actions.
To create a new creature, you can write a fantasy story with virtuell figures.
I think its poor to make a girl to a ppoor animal, you can use an animal then.

That is a ill soul that is writing that.
Its to extreme and i think its the same if I would write a story or a nice boy that I make in my story speakless and cut him his balls and let him used as a cunt for some animals.

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