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PersonalCumDump 01-02-2017 04:07 AM

21/male/slave seeks any age/any sex/master in any location (serious replies only)
21/male/slave seeks any age/any sex/master in any location (serious replies only)

About me

Im a male, 21 years old and currently located in Central Europe. I have always been facsinated about BDSM and the whole slave and master/mistress relationship. I had a few experiences in the past but this time i am looking for a more serious long term relationship. Im 5'11, 62 kg and im of a skinny build. Average sized dick and currently trimmed. I dont have a problem with shaving, so if you want your new slave to shave i will do that. Im submissive and bi and have a high sex drive. Im living with my parents, but i have privacy and sometimes the house for myself

Time and Location

I would prefer if your timezone is similar to mine (CET/CEST) but its no dealbreaker. Maybe a little disadvantage.

Kinks and Likes
  • Dirtytalk
  • Being controlled
  • Cumplay
  • humiliation/abuse
  • bodywriting
  • spitplay
  • anal
  • Nippleplay
  • Light pain
  • toiletcontrol
  • and much more


Illegal, public, family, gore, facepics.
Please keep them in mind.

What i want in a relationship

I want a strict and motivated Master/Mistress who can be extremely strict but at the same time is nice to his slave. I want this based on honesty. We can talk about anything. We should be able to talk freely and play sessions etc so that we get the most fun out of it. And finally, the relationship shouldnt develop too fast, always keep in mind that this is my first long term slave relationship.

What i want from you

I expect you to be honest and strict (but nice). I want someone who is also looking for a longterm relationship. You should have some experience and it should be ok for you that im a beginner. You should be creative with the tasks and session. I want to talk to you daily and the tasks could be daily, or more task for a weekly period. After we built some trust you should somehow verify yourself.

What i give as a slave

My purpose is to serve and give pleasure to my master/mistress. Im obedient but i need some basic training because im a beginner. The relationship shouldnt start to fast. This gives you the option to mold me into your perfect slave. I enjoy being treated as a sex object. I will complete daily tasks through picture proof on kik or i will write a report and send it with email. Im very open minded, this gives you the chance to try lots of new stuff with me.

Things i want to learn

I want to learn a lot of new things, these are a few:
  • eating my own cum
  • interested in petplay
  • toiletplay
  • messyplay
  • being milked
  • losing control
  • chasity
  • how a good slut should behave
  • posing/ slave posture
  • and much more


I dont own any toys yet but if we click and this relationship really works im more than willing to buy some

I hope to hear from you soon! Please tell me some details in your reply, for example:Age, timezone, experience,favorite fantasy, etc... Can wait to read you PM!!

PersonalCumDump 01-11-2017 01:13 PM

Im still looking for someone.

m55uk4younger 01-11-2017 01:48 PM

Nice informative post, I hope you find what you are looking for.


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