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  1. Azyliux
    10-07-2023 06:09 PM
    (part 2/2)

    Ass: 7.5/10
    She has a fine juicy ass with plenty of space for spanking and enjoying, but no sag. Her skin here is smooth, unblemished and perfect for imprinting. No image of her asshole was provided which could have resulted in a higher rating.

    Tits: 8/10
    She has soft small natural tits. The exact size is hard to tell from the images, but possibly a B-cup. Her nipples are light and pretty with a pair of bar nipple piercings, potentially recently acquired, that suggest future fun with rings and chains.

    Pussy: 8.5/10
    Her delicate pussy is mostly bare with a smattering of individual dark pubic hairs. She has short neat inner labia and a well hidden clit beneath a very long slim hood. No image of her vaginal opening was provided.

    Overall Rating: 8/10
    A yummy body highlighted by a very pretty face that I would enjoy playing with and fucking!
  2. Azyliux
    10-07-2023 06:08 PM
    (part 1/2) Inspection report and rating based on provided pictures. Extremely late—my sincere apologies Juliette.

    Images: 7.5/10
    I received 5 images including face, rear bending over, and close ups of belly, pussy and breasts. Images were of good quality, well lit, and suitable for conducting a rating. Some desired details for the rating were not included.

    Attitude: 4/10
    There no communication about the rating, pictures were provided immediately with no discussion about what pictures were required. No text communication or responses were received at all.

    Overall Body: 8.5/10
    Overall an attractive curvy body with a full ass, rounded hips dipping into a natural waist. Her skin looks smooth, perfect for some bodywriting or marking with toys.

    Face: 9/10
    A very pretty face, with a dainty triangular shape and everything delightfully in proportion. Pierced ears, brown eyes with long lashes, a fine nose and delicate lips.
  3. cg2382
    09-27-2023 03:22 PM
    So a really late rating (my bad, I'm sorry).
    I get 3 pics: a close up of pussy, a full body lying on a bed and a back pic. quality of the pic: 7 (good but can be hotter).
    now the body (never seen this slut face unfortunatelly). The pussy is well shaved, ready for use but it doesn't seems used enoght for a slut like her... a 7,5 (promising but need training, i'd say).
    Now tits: basically non existent for what i can see on pics. good to pull the nipples but no more. A 5-.
    Full body: maybe a little chubby but i like it; you have something to touch, pull and slap. however, as a good free use slut she should try to be fit, so a 6,5.
    Ass now: chubby for sure, but right shape, perfect for a spanking. Unfortunatelly not seen in the right position as an all four. It should be red. as fon in the pics is a 6-.
    Overall she have potential, I'd say a 6,5. She at least cure her body enough to be perfectly shaven and the only holes of her visibles is the better part between ratings.
  4. lasagnacat
    09-24-2023 08:46 AM
    Despite a slow response time and failure to include a proper full frontal, a grand total of 6 pics allows for a rather thorough inspection.

    Juliette has dark brown eyes, a small, almost pouty looking mouth, and long brown hair with a cute little stud earring peeking through. Her soft features and assortment of beauty marks are very attractive, but somewhat overshadowed by a prominent nose.

    Her tits are on the smaller side, with pretty pink nipples and gold piercings. They appear uneven, but it's hard to judge with the angle provided in lieu of the proper full frontal I mentioned.

    Juliette's tight pink pussy and it's slightly protruding labia look very nice; although she is mostly clean shaven, the odd hair can be spotted from her thighs all the way up to her belly and particularly around her clit.

    Her ass is big and perky, with thick thighs to match.

    Overall, Juliette is quite beautiful, but not without her flaws. If I had to give a number, I'd say 7/10.
  5. al21321
    09-24-2023 08:14 AM
    Juliette body needs to be tighter for better grip when breeding
    Tits 5 out of 10 needs to be bigger with larger nipples that can be clamped daily
    Pussy nicely shaved but not leaking cum like a good breeding woman should be
    Ass 7 out of 10 not big enough needs to be filled with a toy 24/7 and be bright red for being spanked for be a bad girl
    All and all needs to be tied up and used untill mind is broken and turned in to a breeder and spanked all over in public
  6. Rickwills87
    09-24-2023 01:25 AM
    Juliette’s body inspection

    Boobs…. Laying down you can’t quite see how big these are but they look big enough for a fun time. Nipples are nice and perky and hard. 7/10

    Pussy… a nice pink shaved pussy that looks inviting and ready to be filled. 8/10

    Ass… a very big nice round ass that looks very spankable and ready to be abused. 9/10

    Overall rating… 8/10
  7. loppa
    09-24-2023 12:17 AM
    Body inspection.
    Boobs are beautiful and perfect size for having a good time, both nipples are pierced. Not to big and not to small, would be able to go without a bra but would these every man in the street.
    Rating 8/10
    While in the street a lot of guys would take a second look at the ass, nice and well filled. One could dream about having it for their own.
    Rating 9/10
    Pussy are nice and pink ready to be licked, closely shaven and ready for a good time.
    Rating 8/10
  8. Merlin
    09-23-2023 10:31 PM
    General inspection part 2/2

    Ass: pear shaped ass, on the bigger end compared to the rest of the body, hints of very light cellulite, not hanging but also not firm, no information about the hole

    The subject's ass gives the body a hourglass form but with the lower body wider than the upper one

    Rating: 7/10

    Vagina: light pink, almost the same colour as the surrounding skin, coloured outer lips, long clitoral hood, small but still showing inner lips. clit covered by the hood, no sign of wetness. shaved completely beside of a few hairs that were missed

    The long clit hood and the, because of that, smaller lover part and opening suggests a tight hole of the subject. The overall look is very neat and inviting but not overly aroused
    Caution: The subject might have a harder time to fit bigger objects or penises, In case of that being a priority you might be advised to reduce the rating

    Rating: 7/10

    Overall rating: 7.5/10
  9. Merlin
    09-23-2023 10:08 PM
    General inspection part 1/2:
    Subject, female, young, caucasian

    Face and hair: heart shaped face, brown eyes, average sized nose, small pink mouth, pointy chin, lower part smaller than upper one, pierced ears, hair s naturally brown some dark red colouring in it.

    The subject has a good looking young face, Clearly more on the cute "innocent" side, with no real negatives.
    Subject's small mouth may have a hard time with taking bigger penises or toys.


    Breasts: small breasts, my guess would be A-B cup, light pink areola, nipples hard and pierced and the same colour, bar piercing, average perkiness

    The subjects breasts have a nice shape and the pronounced and pierced nipples invite to use them, They increase the overall feeling of cute that the face started
    Caution: If you prefer bigger breasts the subject will fall short in that department and you should reduce the rating by at least several points

    Rating: 8/10
  10. Mumms
    09-23-2023 04:36 PM
    She sent four photos really quickly to me.
    The best part about her i definitely the face, really cute and with large brown eyes, 9/10.
    She had a mostly clean shaven pussy (except for a bunch of random hairs she had missed while shaving) and it looked tight with a pair of cute inner lips, 8/10.
    Small breasts, but the good looking nipple piercings raises the rating to a 6/10.
    The stomach is mostly flat and she has sexy wide hips with a bit of an hourglass figure to her, 8/10.
    Unfortunately I didn't get any picture of her ass, so N/A on that rating.
    Overall I would have to say she is an 8/10.

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