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  1. Garry0993
    07-20-2022 08:44 PM
    A review of the Pink Avo

    Boobs: Big and good shape. Small pink nipples are relatively sensitive to the tasks. Can leave bite marks on nipples. 9/10

    Belly: A bit extra curve but over all good. Obviously can be improved with lots and lots of extra exercises. But will grade it for its potential. 8/10

    Thigh: Pale and thick, good for spanking and leave marks. 8.5/10

    Pussy: Nice tight and pink. Haven't tested it much so cannot say how sensitive it is, but it does get really wet when ignored on purpose. 8.7/10

    Ass: tight and pink as well. Can take a wide range of plugs. And can edge with hush as well. Such a pleasant surprise 8.5/10

    Bonus: She has a very pretty hand writing and love to write lines. A very obedient brat who from time to time want to get put down. And a cute girl over all. 9/10

    Average: 8.61/10
    Recommend to use if you found her begging for attention.
  2. SageLeech
    07-20-2022 02:52 PM
    Very professional presentation. The subject responded quickly and had a very easy to follow process.
    Subject sent 3 pictures very promptly. I later found that I needed additional view point the subject was very nice but it did take quite a while to receive.
    Subject seems to be on the tall side, and sturdily built. Very muscular legs and could easily save lives with those thighs. Butt is ample but on the flat side. Breast are definitely the best feature of this subject being nice and large without being overly big. Breasts also look great for physics tests and would hold rope beautifully. Subject seems completely devoid of body hair. Pussy seems nicely shaped leaning towards the saggy side. The subject's anus is very delightful dark rose in color and looks like it would easily accept internal inspection or prolonged probing.
    Overall subject is very attractive and would be great for many types of use. 8/10
  3. frukostflingor
    07-20-2022 02:50 PM
    Pin avo offered a detailed inspection. I got 3 poses. Her boobs is quite big for my taste, so I 7/10. Her pussy looks shaved and I like that, a close up may have made it better, but she is a little big around her belly and around here pussy, 8/10. She got a quite nice ass, I will giv it 9/10. Overall body will be 8/10.
  4. dared to perfection
    07-20-2022 02:40 PM
    dared to perfection
    Great response time and a great willingness to make the inspection full and thorough. Clearly a repeat subject of inspection.
    I requested 3 poses, endurance, punishment and rest. Very clear and well shaven skin and a good colour hair. The tits stay where they should and from the punishment position you can tell they don't sag.
    The subject has more weight than I am used to, a muffin top around the hips but otherwise in good proportions.
    I chose unflattering poses and it showed, the rest and endurance poses aren't flattering but in the punishment pose she is enticing.

    I asked for a follow up photo to be a close up of the pussy and ass from the rear and well spread. It took too long to arrive so I hit send on this review.

    Overall I would give a willingness and personality score of 8/10
    But physical appearance 6/10
  5. Paul_
    07-20-2022 02:24 PM
    Avo rating

    she sent me 3 photos...at the same time the communication was good - 10/10

    tits : they are big...but not too big...with nice nipples 8/10

    ass : also a good size...a little bigger...but still totally ok 8/10

    pussy : completely shaved...makes a good impression 9/10

    belly : a little too much...therefore only 7/10

    legs : the same as the belly...a little less would be good 7/10

    arms : shaved armpits...good shape and not too thick or hanging 9/10

    i gave her 2 chances for bonus points :

    chance 1 : she fulfilled it 10/10
    chance 2 : she fulfilled it 10/10

    very nice entertainment as a whole...was fun
  6. Manarus
    07-20-2022 11:46 AM
    I am interested in this product. I mean, its an Avocado, and its pink. What do you want more? So I contacted the costumer relations to get more information about it. They were quite friendly and informative.

    Rating: 10/10 (but only for the costumer support. I didn't buy the product yet)
  7. SirStephen76
    05-01-2022 02:03 AM
    I inspected Pink Avo.

    First of all, she has a great attitude.
    Legs are in good shape and look quite long despite her being only 5’3.
    Tits are a nice size and don’t appear to sag. Photo quality wasn’t good enough to judge her nipples.
    A hint of a tummy, nothing that couldn’t be worked on.
    Pussy was waxed. A close up of her pussy and ass unfortunately wasn’t lit well enough to make out much detail. Her pussy is shaved nicely as far as I could tell. She parted her cheeks nicely though to reveal an asshole that looks nice and tight, but perhaps not an anal virgin. Her ass was a little big, but along with her tummy, nothing major.
    No tattoos or piercings that I could see.

    Rating: 7/10. Suggestions - couldn’t see a lot of detail, in particular nipples and pussy. Could firm up the tummy and ass a little perhaps.
  8. Hotstuff0175
    04-26-2022 02:15 PM
    9/10 from me, I love your curves and big tits and they hang really well
  9. HumbleSteve
    04-26-2022 09:25 AM
    Review part 1/2:

    Delighted by the opportunity to inspect this piece.

    She reacted timely to my request for inspection, within a few hours. Since she was not able to be inspected via live pictures at the time, I was given the option for inspection through some existing pictures. That was fine by me and good of her to give me options. Her reactions were very swift and she seems to be very submissive. Conversation wise 9/10

    I received 3 pictures. In the first she is kneeling with her legs slightly spread. In the second she is bent over, while leaning against a wall. In the last picture she's bent over while spreading her ass cheeks. That picture was a bit off in the lighting department around the important details. She made up for that by sending another picture with better lighting in the same position, however her pussy is stuffed with some kind of cloth, how kinky! Pictures provided 8/10
  10. HumbleSteve
    04-26-2022 09:24 AM
    Review part 2/2:

    About her body, as I'm a boobs guy I start with her tits. She has pretty big tits with nice perky nipples. From the picture her tits look pretty firm, would love to be able to verify that haha. However her tits are a bit large to my taste. Her ass looks to be perfect in proportion with the rest of her body and is nicely shaped. Would love to spank her. Her intimate parts look very nice and tight. Quite fuckable if you ask me. She's not cleanly shaven, but decently trimmed. I prefer silky smooth. Body 7/10 mostly due to my personal preference.

    Overall 24/30

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