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  1. just a guy
    05-27-2024 07:56 AM
    just a guy
    Pluky sent one video where she attempted to tease and arouse. The video focused on her ass and back. This coupled with the angle failed to catch the watchers attention in my honest opinion. When the camera pans back a little, she looks back over her shoulder. This sultry look is quite teasing and is a positive in the video. She then moves forwards and you can tell her hips are moving but too much is blurred to really see how she moves her body. It was a nice attempt with lots of promise but it needs a lot of improvement in my opinion.
  2. generaterox
    05-27-2024 01:42 AM
    Teasing rating:5/10

    I received a video from Pluky which came edited with music and also cropping in some parts of the video. I felt that the music accompanied the video quite nicely but the edits were quite sloppy and it made the video feel choppy instead of improving the overall quality of the video.

    As for the contents of the video, she made some sensual movements with the focus being on her back and her ass. I can see that there were some efforts made to try and be as sexy as possible but I felt that it didn’t accomplish the objective which was to tease.

    There could be more variation when it comes to her movements as well as the positions that she was in in order to tease the audience further.

    All in all it is still a great attempt but there is definitely room of improvement when it comes to teasing.
  3. csuju
    05-22-2024 07:32 AM
    Part 3

    From those clips, I'd have to give her pussy an 8/10, it's nicely wet, clean appearance, proud clit and inviting gape provide a view, and I'm sure experience that will be very well received. I certainly would like to enjoy them more in person.

    Similarly, her asshole is a 7/10, nicely tight, but needs a bit more training. Some gape was visible in the final video, but could do better. Nevertheless, would provide much fun...

    Overall, I'd rate her private parts as an 8/10. A clean, ripe red pussy with many opportunities for fun and games....

    Now I need to go take a cold shower...
  4. csuju
    05-22-2024 07:32 AM
    Part 2

    Lying back, she has her legs apart and raised, arms under her knees so she can spread her pussy lips. As with her breasts, her skin here is unblemished, and her pussy has a pink hue. She is nicely wet, her clit is enlarged and her pussy somewhat gaping from being pulled open.

    Lying back again, pulling her pussy open again, but closer. Here we can better see the amount of wetness (lots), and the clit is nicely engorged. Her pussy gapes wider here than previously, and her new lack of public hair gives a great view of a very tasty looking treat.

    Head-down, ass up towards the camera, pulling apart pussy again. Her asshole is nicely visible in this shot, a looks to be nicely tight and well kept. This is an inviting view for the two obvious reasons

    Continues in next post...
  5. csuju
    05-22-2024 07:31 AM
    Part 1

    Pluky sent me a video in response to a request for a private parts inspection, in which she presents herself in a number of poses:

    Kneeling on a bed, front on, facing the camera, legs slightly apart, she is displaying her breasts. These are medium in size, with medium sized, light brown areolas and slightly raised nipples. Her skin is a pale white, with no visible blemishes, moles or freckles other than a dark brown mole by her left areola. They stand nicely proud, and look like they would be a lot of fun to play with, tease or torment. 8/10 as they could be a little bigger and the nipples a bit more pronounced.

    The next few positions provide us with a view of her pussy from various angles and distances, so I'll hold off on rating until the end.

    Continues on next post....
  6. LanaCD18
    05-22-2024 04:37 AM
    No they're not my bad. they did look that way in the first video but not the second. I could correct my review if you like
  7. VeronikaAnalSubSlut
    05-21-2024 04:28 AM
    Part 3

    I just got to watch some videos of her.
    She really is a beauty with little to hide.

    Since I honestly find not much special about her pussy besides that she was glistening wet and her skin is beautifully clean I won't say too much about it.

    Her ass is also very clean and enticing. It seemed easily to gape as even light spreading opens it up. (btw her pussy is similar)

    Now the best part for me are her breasts.
    Especially for her age they are very solid. I envy her for that. Even though she doesn't like that they are so hard to tie up. They are bouncy and seem to be a joy to play with.
  8. Blaze83
    05-21-2024 03:45 AM
    Pluky provided 2 videos for inspection.
    Her body is curvy, very attractive. Hips and thighs are big and looks ready to grab. Her skin looks pale and soft, and overall if you are into curvy girl she is perfection.
    Boobs are big, not huge, but definitely squeezable and have a nice shape. Nipples look perky and good for sucking or clamping.
    Her pussy is pink and shaven clean, it looks wet and very inviting both from the front and from the back. It gets even better when spread wide, showing a nice little clit, and she took good care opening it to show every little fold.
    From the back, on all fours, her ass looks big and nice, definitely ready to be spanked, but also firm and perfectly shaped. When spread, her buttcheeks reveal a beautiful and tempting hole, perfectly pink and clean, with a hint of gape, so it looks she enjoys also some anal play. Pussy also opens nicely wide from the back, this is a very enjoyable view.
    Overall, result is 10, her curvy body deserves to be admired.
  9. LanaCD18
    05-20-2024 06:09 AM
    Inspection rating 8.5/10

    Pussy: Perfect looking pussy, needs a shave as far as i'c concerned but if you're into that then go you.

    Ass: Beautiful round cheeks, nice looking hole, perfect for fucking.

    Tits: Perky, great size, big but not huge. Asymmetrical and nipples point outward slightly which is interesting and fun.

    Body: Perfect porcelain skin, thin and shapely but enough to grab on to. big hips, great booty.

    Attitude: Cooperative and slutty but firm with boundaries. Perfect GD toy.

    Can recommend this toy for your gd fun.
  10. VeronikaAnalSubSlut
    05-18-2024 12:33 AM
    Part 1

    First of. I wont make this rating prettier then it has to be. With 10/10 being a perfect women it's obvious she won't reach it. And just having less points doesn't mean not beautiful or attractive (more the opposite) . Perfect is boring and the deviation makes beauty.

    First of I have to say she has beautiful skin. Everywhere with only very little discoloration [9/10]

    Next up is body form. She has very wide hips and in general more bottom heavy. Like she's a size bigger below then upstairs. I personally am a bit of a thigh/leg lover so I love this look, but as I'm comparing to a "perfect women" it's more an [8/10]

    Next up are her breasts. Given how I said she's a bit smaller smaller on top you might be mistaken about her breasts. They are a good size for her upper body. And they don't sag at all... I'm a bit envious about that.
    Together with her beautiful nipples I can't find a reason to remove even a single point. [10/10]

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Posted 05-01-2024 at 07:37 AM by pluky Comments 8
Juste realized I can literally embed gifs in a custom box at the side, this leaves room for a lot of fun 🤩

Posted 04-07-2024 at 07:26 PM by pluky Comments 4
So I woke up with a vaginal infection, one at the very entrance of my hole instead of deep inside, and I didn't have anything but my bad ideas to do about it.

It felt really itchy so I wanted something drastic to clean it with, salt water didn't seem to be enough.

So I thought about using this specialized toothpaste I have, instead of containing just toothpaste it also has some herbs like thyme in it, which are known to fight off bacteria and infection, so I thought it would...

Posted 03-27-2024 at 10:39 AM by pluky Comments 5
This journal might be regularly updated on commented on with new tasks that I end up doing to earn the permission to cum, there's always more of those and they tend to be at the limits of my comfort zone.

Based on previously approved hentai images I figured that the censoring rues don't apply to drawings the same way they do to photos, so I will post my doodle of this morning's task that I earned my orgasm with, a picture is worth a thousand words, hopefully it's ok.


Posted 03-13-2024 at 04:20 AM by pluky Comments 12
I am shocked that this happened, I didn't think it was physically possible.

This morning Sir kept me denied and I think either to punish me or train me to resist my urges, he kept me giving me 10 mn permissions of watching my favorite porn. Which happens to be stuff I wasn't allowed to watch for months and was craving.

The first 10 mn already felt unbearable and I didn't know how I was gonna keep myself from touching after that. After a couple more I ended up resorting...

Posted 02-27-2024 at 11:15 AM by pluky Comments 4
There has been a few new rules for a while now that I never mentioned in my initial Rules blog post for the ongoing rules of my DS dynamic. Some of those rules were tricky and I wanted to have space to explore them in privacy first so I felt like keeping them to myself for months, but my organized side always wanted to update my list eventually. I however wanna keep the old blog post untouched with all the main rules, and prefer creating a duplicate for the updates.

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