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  1. akechi106
    07-29-2020 08:21 PM
    Part 3

    Areolas- large and probably the best background to accent the piercings on the nipples, 8 of 10

    Asshole- well maintained, even tight looking, id say a 4 of 10 since anal isnt really my thing.
  2. akechi106
    07-29-2020 08:20 PM
    Part 2

    Ass including Cheeks- the one photo that had both cheeks and anal hole in it was a delightful sight and there for earns a 9 of 10

    Dick sucking- Sucking ability looks to be about a 7 of ten since a hand needed to be used

    Clit and nipples- both are combined because they are both pierced beautifully and both get a score of 8 of 10

    Labia- 6 of 10, although they are of medium length, that seem a bit droppy because of the dual piercings in each lip
  3. akechi106
    07-29-2020 08:20 PM
    Part 1
    The Public inspection and rating of dareastrid from several pictures provided.

    Tits- A little large for my taste, but due to the Piercings, the score is higher, 6 of 10

    Pussy- Again, Piercings are present and a favorite of mine, i give the pussy score of 10 of 10

    Body Shape- Curves and thickness in all the right places with some not in the right places and a score of 5 of 10 is given

    Feet- From all the photos seen, there was only one where feet were present and due to a lack of visablity because of the stockings worn and only one foot being shown, i give them a 3 out of 10

    Poses- each pose in all of the photos were well done, there is really nothing to complain about, but this just comes for personally preference and there for recieves a 7 of 10
  4. franklydogo
    07-29-2020 04:47 PM
    Inspection public rating-I received 3 pics. Tits:8, Big and pierced, areolas a little big but still very pretty boobs.In one photo they were tied which looked fantastic. Pussy:7,Nice big pussy. Pierced as well and shaved.Face:7, Couldn't see in any image but in one she had a slave mask on. Lips looked nice and plump.Overall her body is an 8. She has nice curves, big tits, and a nice pussy.
  5. Raucus
    07-27-2020 06:19 PM
    Inspection part 2.

    8 Clit. Decent size and pierced

    7 Labies. medium Length. Doubled ring pierced. Amount of pussy juice is acceptable.

    5 Areolas. too big for my taste. Nipples is centered pretty well.

    7 Asshole. Clean, tight and shaven. She has spots on her cheeks, but it's fuckable.
  6. deschut
    07-27-2020 06:06 PM
    Inspection & Public rating (part 2):
    Her pussy shared in closeup & further away; you could clearly see she's shaved and has like a small strip. Not so sure about the shaving... But a nice meaty pussy, I'd rate it an 8.

    Her pussy lips are pierced, and clit too.
    Lips are hanging out some more, even more due to the piercings,- fun probably to play with - but look wise might be a 7.
    Then the clit that's pierced and hood too, which looks really great - so that's a 9.

    Then overall her body has nice round curves, really sexy looking, maybe thicker legs. I'd rate overall an 8, mostly because I like curves.

    The photos she shared were nice, all full body shots of good quality - very good to inspect and rate. Her boobs will definitely bounce around while having sex, and she seems to be in BDSM which is a big plus.

    So rate in total: 8

    Boobs: 9
    Areolas: 7
    Nipples: 9
    Butt: 8
    Asshole: 7
    Pussy: 8
    Lips: 7
    Clit: 9
    Overall body: 8
  7. deschut
    07-27-2020 06:06 PM
    Inspection & Public rating (part 1):
    Dare Astrid has sent 3 photos, on the first one you can clearly see her curves.
    Her boobs are nicely shaped, pretty good size, you could see they can be tied up nicely also.

    Her areolas are fairly big, she has nice small pierced nipples. Boobs rating in total because of the nice shape: 9
    Her areolas as mentioned are big - but nicely shaped, I'd rate them a 7.
    The nipples are very nice, and pierced, rating those a 9
    Then she's definitely got curves as I mentioned, I didn't get to see her butt, but pretty sure that would also be a high rate, probably an 8.

    Her asshole was shared in a closeup, although she has some spots on her butt, it looked good, rating that a 7

    (Continue in next post)
  8. kaylessa
    07-27-2020 05:37 PM
    Inspection & PUBLIC Rating

    face: restrained in a slave mask with a "slut" collar, mouth looks well formed, might be good for services. 7/10

    boobs: great for spanking, nipples nicely pierced, rope marks on one of the pictures, a little too big for my taste. 8/10

    stomach: chubby, but not fat. 6/10

    arms: well formed, great submissive poses, could use ropes. 8/10

    hands: well formed, great nails, wrists cuffed on some pictures. 9/10

    pussy: quite flappy, but with nice rings on pussy lips and clit, well shaved. 6/10

    ass: chubby, hole nicely plugged, great posture in doggy position. 8/10

    legs: look great in stockings, little overweight, but well formed, would look better in ropes. 7/10

    overall: body good for spanking, quite submissive, seems a bit shy on some pictures, chubby, bit sassy in conversation. 7/10
  9. Raucus
    07-27-2020 05:16 PM
    Inspection part 1.

    5/10 body. A little chubby, but very well groomed.

    7/10 tits. Big tits and nipples are pierced. A bit saggy though.

    8/10 cunt. Very bald, nice clit. multiple piercings. Definitely a good cum deposit.

    6/10 Lips. Looked like decent cock sucking lips.

    Overall 7/10. Could lose some weight, but has a nice little cunt to play with and a mouth that looks like a lot of fun to fuck! Passable sextoy.

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