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  1. Sreeen
    05-03-2023 10:01 AM
    Pluky provided 4 pictures of her lovely body. She posed for 3 full body shots one form the rear, one from the front and one from the side. The 4th picture was a closeup of her pussy with closed legs. She has beautiful dark curly hair.
    There is a little fat on the ass but overall the ass is a 7/10.
    Her tits are relative small but perky with small nipples 8/10 for them.
    Her figure is nice with a little tummy 7/10.
    Her pussy is smooth and probably freshly shaven 9/10.
  2. SirStephen76
    05-03-2023 08:33 AM
    Pluky has a lovely body. She posed for me for full body shots from the rear, front and side.
    Her tits arenít massive but are by no means small, and look to be quite perky - 8/10
    Nipples are a pleasing size and look like they might respond nicely to stimulation - 8/10
    Her pussy appears to be smoothly shaved, I wasnít provided with an angle showing between her legs - 9/10 (for what I could see)
    She has a round ass and nice legs that arenít stick thin, both look like theyíd look great in a dress or skirt, and would feel great when sliding a hand underneath - 9/10
    Slight hint of a cute little tummy, perhaps, although she has a nicely tapered waist and a lovely figure overall - 8/10
    Long, slim neck, revealed by holding her hair up when viewed from behind. Would suit a choker or collar 9/10
    Lovely dark, curly hair, which definitely does it for me - 10/10
  3. Uwekai
    05-03-2023 08:09 AM
    Review of her Plukys body
    I was lucky to see her full body from front, back and aside. And even though I am into women with bigger breasts, on this body every part matches the rest. If I had do reduce the voting because of my preference for a certain size, I have to upvote on the other side because of the shape and the nipples again matching the size perfectly. Oh, I am boob-addicted, isnít that obvious?
  4. Spurius
    03-03-2023 03:50 PM
    Yeah I'm alive ��
  5. Kanopi
    02-28-2023 09:20 PM
    Can't wait to win a video off you on tetris ahaha
  6. iHudson
    02-28-2023 06:31 AM
    Hey I am ihuds from kik. Waiting to beat you in Tetris..
  7. dared to perfection
    02-17-2023 08:45 AM
    dared to perfection
    This fine woman has a lovely shape, I inspected its body in a compilation of yoga poses so saw her outstretched and bundled. Her body is mostly taut with curves in what I'd consider the right places. Her ass, thighs and tits are moderately curvy and compliment eachother.
    Her pubes and underarm hair are grown to a tidy length, it is dark and offers an exciting suggestive glimpse.
    Whilst touching toes bent at the hips she casts a very nice rounded ass shape, it looks like the perfect places to leave a handprint.
  8. pluky
    02-16-2023 01:50 AM
    I am now a Distinguished member !!!
  9. Beline
    01-19-2023 06:28 AM
    Her hair is dark, curly and bushy sitting on her shoulders, she's a petite chin and supple lips where the photo cuts off. 157cm/36B

    Body is lovely and soft, lots of curves going on, made cuter by her height. No excess body weight. Waist is narrow, her hips & thighs extend outward, giving a gentle hourglass and enhancing her butt. Which sticks out alluringly from her legs. making it wonderful from the sides, flatter from the rear, but doesn't detract from the image, a highlight!

    Breasts are round, with small areolar and perky nipples (apparently cold!) They gently change from skin tone, a pleasing appearance. Smaller than her hips or bottom a nice size & make her utterly adorable.

    Her pussy has hair, a nice clean body shape invitingly leads between her legs. She declined a close up pending a shave, but pretty either way!

    She can be confident of her wonderful body, it was a joy to inspect. The 3 pictures were all standing art reference style, with some poses she'd look irresistible.
  10. Taskdesigner
    01-19-2023 06:27 AM
    Part 3:
    Pussy - Pussy was barely visible in 1 picture only (and in mirror view in another one) and pluky refused to show it in detail. Therefore there is hardly anything to rate. Also it seems a little bit hairy, unable to say from those picturs if it is at least trimmed properly. Pussy lips or clit were not visible at all. 1/10

    Aproach - She responded immediately, was nice and polite through our conversation and she was also willing to answer my request for additional pics (although not all of them). 9/10

    Total 41/60 68%
    I can say pluky is pretty young woman with maybe not amazing but still great body. The result is highly affected by the missing picture of her pussy she refused to provide. Otherwise she could have much higher score. Maybe some next time... :-)

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Posted Yesterday at 01:46 AM by pluky Comments 2
Yesterday started my week of trial with a new Dom. We discussed the terms of this perticular form of a DS that I needed to fit my current situation for what seemed like a whole day, and I found myself sometimes in a hurry for these preludes to be over, yet when we got to that point, I started wanting them to go on for a bit, I think I was a bit intimidated and scared to dive into it : I really wanted it to work but my feelings have been my worse ennemy the last couple months, I couldn't let go of my...

Posted 05-28-2023 at 10:32 AM by pluky Comments 2
I'm writing this blog to let anyone who wants to read it know how much of a desprate needy wet hole I am. My pathetic dripping pussy becomes the center of my universe when I want to cum so badly, so much so that I'm ready to do and say things that are really hard for me to do or say just for that second of relief. I don't even care how naughty and disgusting that makes me sound because at that moment all that matters is having that orgasm. I don't know why I am so naughty and I get so horny and moist...

Posted 04-29-2023 at 08:17 PM by pluky Comments 1
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49 mn 10 s /1̶0̶0̶ ̶m̶n̶ 49 mn 10 s clothespins on nipples

EDIT : earned reductions

- 1 mn
- 3 mn 30 s
- 10 mn

- 3 mn
- 4 mn
- 3 mn 20 s
- 25 mn (50 jumping jacks with clothespins on)


Posted 04-01-2023 at 06:40 AM by pluky Comments 4
Today I had my third vaginal orgasm of my life, took me forever, worse than a workout lol I was so sweaty at the end.

I almost gave up as I usually do but I finally got it. The arousal kept rising to the edge and falling back over and over, I must have edged a few times without actually meaning to, this always happens when I try unusual ways of cumming especially not directly stimulating my clit, so it's really frustrating.

It gets to a point where I don't even care about...

Posted 03-25-2023 at 04:09 PM by pluky Comments 6
Yesterday I had the good idea to use my conducting clothespins with e-stim but not by touching the wand to the conducting part of it as I usually did, this time I thought about touching it directly to the sticking out part of the nipple, which would then lead the electricity to the clothespins and everywhere and maximize sensation.

I think this has been the most painful I've got from it, even at the lowest level (pretty much unnoticeable under normal circumstances), even using the tip...
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