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  1. Beline
    01-19-2023 06:28 AM
    Her hair is dark, curly and bushy sitting on her shoulders, she's a petite chin and supple lips where the photo cuts off. 157cm/36B

    Body is lovely and soft, lots of curves going on, made cuter by her height. No excess body weight. Waist is narrow, her hips & thighs extend outward, giving a gentle hourglass and enhancing her butt. Which sticks out alluringly from her legs. making it wonderful from the sides, flatter from the rear, but doesn't detract from the image, a highlight!

    Breasts are round, with small areolar and perky nipples (apparently cold!) They gently change from skin tone, a pleasing appearance. Smaller than her hips or bottom a nice size & make her utterly adorable.

    Her pussy has hair, a nice clean body shape invitingly leads between her legs. She declined a close up pending a shave, but pretty either way!

    She can be confident of her wonderful body, it was a joy to inspect. The 3 pictures were all standing art reference style, with some poses she'd look irresistible.
  2. Taskdesigner
    01-19-2023 06:27 AM
    Part 3:
    Pussy - Pussy was barely visible in 1 picture only (and in mirror view in another one) and pluky refused to show it in detail. Therefore there is hardly anything to rate. Also it seems a little bit hairy, unable to say from those picturs if it is at least trimmed properly. Pussy lips or clit were not visible at all. 1/10

    Aproach - She responded immediately, was nice and polite through our conversation and she was also willing to answer my request for additional pics (although not all of them). 9/10

    Total 41/60 68%
    I can say pluky is pretty young woman with maybe not amazing but still great body. The result is highly affected by the missing picture of her pussy she refused to provide. Otherwise she could have much higher score. Maybe some next time... :-)
  3. Taskdesigner
    01-19-2023 06:26 AM
    Part 2:
    Tits - She stated to have 36B cup size which seems real in the pictures. Although I usually like bigger tits, this time even the smaller ones perfectly fit her body. They look quite good when she's standing and when bend over, there is even slight sign of hanging a little bit. She's got quite small pink areolas with beautiful nipples. They were standing hard in the pictures due to being cold and I would say they were just begging for some clamps. 8/10

    Ass - Imo her best asset. A round ass of just the perfect size giving her nice curves while standing, looks amazing on all fours and is absolutely astonishing when being slightly red from spanking. There is nothing to complain about in this point. 10/10
  4. Taskdesigner
    01-19-2023 06:25 AM
    Part 1:
    I was lucky to catch pluky during her 30 minutes in inspection and rating thread.

    She started with 3 pics - full frontal and full rear view with also with mirror reflections and detail of her tits. On my request she provided me with 3 more pictures.

    Head and face - The face was hidden in the pictures (perfectly ok for me) but I can say she's got shoulder length dark hair. I really love the colour. I would prefered longer hair however they are still long enough to be pulled easily. 8/10

    The body in general - Pluky stated to be 157 cm tall (or better small) with let's say average body. She's not super slim but also definitely not chubby or so and in general looks very nice. She would need bigger tits to achieve an hour-glass figure but that is not much of the problem. Unfortunately for me the weakest point here are her thighs that are definitely too big for me to really like them. 5/10
  5. Youhello2
    01-19-2023 05:51 AM
    Body: 8/10
    Ass: 9/10
    Tits: 8/10

    Overall: 9/10

    Plucky overall has a very cute body. She sent me 3 pics, one standing from behind, one standing from the front and one close up of her tits. Ass is beautifully round and peachy - looks like it would have a good amount of jiggle without being too big. Tits also look very perky, not small but not massive either - she did say it was cold so that may have helped!

    Overall a very sexy, petite body. Not too small, not too big, just sitting somewhere right in the middle.
  6. Proformi
    01-11-2023 09:21 PM
    Pluky stepped out of her comfort zone
    She sent 3 photos, front, side, rear view
    Pluky also told me that she was 157cm tall (5'1 to 5'2)
    Upright, Pluky's tits look pretty even. She's a 36- 38 B in cup size. The way she is standing, her hands are placed on her hips and her tits are pressed forwards, making it easy to observed her slightly elongated nipples.
    Ass: Pluky's ass is accentuated by her thick thighs and her narrow waist. Its clear that she keeps fit, her back has muscle definition showing.She is developing a nice round dumpy, as is prominent from the side angle, however, due to the thickness of her thighs, from behind it does need more, as the thigh spills out around it.
    Pussy: Unlike her ass and her tits, Pluky hasn't attempted to really put her pussy on display. It can be noted that it is cleanly trimmed with a little hair, but unfortunately, not much els can be taken from it.
    Pluky has passed this inspection.
  7. Spurius
    01-11-2023 09:59 AM
    Review of pluky's body

    Breasts: 7/10 easily the weakest part of her body, although they are a good size and natural shape. She has puffy little pink nipples which are great for attaching pegs

    Butt: 10/10 she has an absolute peach of an arse, I often have dreams about this magnificent round piece of perfection

    Pussy: 8/10 I don't get to see this as much as her butt or tits, but it is clean and tight when I do. She often changes her style of pubic hair and is currently sporting a light fuzzy that looks very tidy

    Thighs: 10/10 I want her to suffocate me in them

    Body: 9/10 Pluky has a very tight and well looked after body, she is a healthy young lady and if you have the privilege of seeing her then you will be fixated on her too.

    The photos Pluky provided for the review were very sterile, I have experience with pluky before this review that has effected my review. Her normal work is often very artistic and belongs on posters.
  8. phteheven
    01-11-2023 06:04 AM
    Advantageous lighting, then lol
  9. phteheven
    01-11-2023 05:48 AM
    Pluky is on the petite end with matching proportions, which makes for a great overall view. Her ass is on the bigger end, relatively speaking, which will be a plus there, but does impact the overall proportions. She is toned without being overly muscular and seems in good shape. She appears to be shaven clean. 8

    Her boobs are beautifully sized in relation to her body. They have a nice shape and are almost perfectly placed in relation to each other. They are the same size and are topped with nicely colored, slightly puffy, nipples. There's a small mole under the left nipple, which stands out the right amount 10

    Pluky's ass, is slightly big, but it's the right kind of big. It is well defined and the cheeks and thighs form a nice shape, flowing into each other. From behind it forms a nice upside-down heart and in profile it stands out just the right amount. 8

    The pictures were well taken, the poses well chosen and showed off her body, while still seeming natural. 8

    Overall 9
  10. Sabina
    12-17-2022 09:15 PM
    Thank you and congratulation for the quality you bring to GD, it is unfrequent to find people like you

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Posted 01-11-2023 at 12:23 AM by pluky Comments 1
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I know I'm 11 days late for this, but I would like to wish everyone a good year, and especially all the people that I've had positive interactions with.

Thank you for your kindness, for the exchanges, the support, and whatever we shared.

I hope you all get enjoyable moments this year, that you remain in good health and spirit and get all the things your hearts desire the most.

So best wishes to all the nice people of GD.

Posted 12-17-2022 at 02:27 AM by pluky Comments 4
Keep scissors in reach in case you get stuck.

Don't know if it already exists so I thought I would explain it with a doodle and share it. Look carefully :

(clic for higher resolution)

Essentially you'll need a bed with a frame and ropes, and underwear.

1) You start by placing ropes each side of the bed...

Posted 11-24-2022 at 06:41 PM by pluky Comments 11
Can you like... not send your naked videos to someone who never requested ? Not tell someone who also never asked that you came in your cage ? Not try forcing someone to make a choice for you like they are your human dice, because you can't find a person to dominate you the way you'd like ?

I'm a female and I even don't do that, even if I know that some if not most males would welcome such behavior, I still don't do it, you know why ? Because it's not nice, it's disrespectful, it's selfish,...

Posted 11-13-2022 at 07:22 PM by pluky Comments 4
I already did some first Little questionnaire for Doms and Little questionnaire for Subs (there could be other ones in the future) and although both of them can be answered by Switches, I wanted to make some Switch specific questions, some of which might be inspired by my own experiences or feelings in the course of my own Switchness. Some of them might border on embarrassing / humiliating.

1- starting with a basic : are your both sides evenly distributed or is one of them stronger than...

Posted 11-12-2022 at 04:36 AM by pluky Comments 1
So I got this and, it's pretty cheap for what it is, I would recommend it. My reasons to get it were partly medical (for joint pain, recovery, etc), and partly curiosity about the potential BDSM use, I have always wanted to try the sensation of electricity in a deliberate manner, in a pain play context.

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